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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

The Episode begins with Angad and Kabir contending. Angad requests that Kabir make Meera leave. He says I never adored her, we just had a connection what broke, request that she leave. Specialist goes to the family. She says patient is reacting, we will not have to do the activity. Meera asks is the child safe. Specialist says OK, it relies upon the patient, if it’s not too much trouble, supplicate. Pritam looks on. Specialist requests that Amrita push the child. Amrita reviews Karan. Everybody petitions God for Amrita. They review Amrita’s words. Pritam additionally petitions God for her. Amrita conveys the child. Specialist says congratulations, its a child kid, Amrita and the child are fine. Everybody grins. Nimmo thanks the specialist and cries. Guneet says our Karan has returned. Specialist says you are crying right now, Amrita is fine, conveyance was typical. They all get cheerful and embrace. Angad says I need to move. Guneet asks who halted you. Kabir and Angad dance. Meera chuckles. She goes to embrace Angad. He stops her.

Kabir says you embrace me, today a glad day. They dance. Specialist says child was experiencing issues in breathing, patient was brought here on schedule, else the child would have…. it was acceptable that Pritam got her here on schedule, where is that respectable man, go out and commend, child is kept in care room, he really wants oxygen. Nimmo says if Pritam didn’t get Amrita at the perfect opportunity, then… Angad says we admonished him. Guneet says he can’t leave anybody in a tough situation, take a brief trip and see him, let him know that Amrita has brought forth Karan. They go. Jogi takes the ward boy’s camouflage and goes. Guneet says I will give the uplifting news to father. Pritam requests that Monty take a brief trip and check whether the conveyance occurred. He says I can’t pardon myself if anything occurs. Nitin says they are coming here. Angad and Kabir joyfully get around Pritam and yell its a child kid, we have become Chacha, its a kid, typical conveyance, ordinary conveyance. Pritam says Rahul. Angad says no, our Karan has returned. Kabir expresses profound gratitude for bringing her here on schedule. They embrace Pritam. The thug looks on and calls. Pritam cries. Kabir says we can move now. Pritam embraces Nitin and Monty. Angad says I m exceptionally glad, excuse me if it’s not too much trouble, come, dance. Kabir requests that Nitin and Monty do some bhaangra. They all dance. Pritam gets Rathi’s call. He disconnects.

Rathi calls once more. Pritam says I m extremely glad today, will I talk later. Rathi snickers and asks is it your child that you are so glad, you gave me counterfeit rdx and deceived me, you made me your adversary. Pritam says its genuine rdx. Rathi says don’t lie, my men are inside that medical clinic, where you are observing, I can do anything, return my rdx, else I will kill that lady first and afterward her child, then, at that point, you. Pritam says enough, you don’t need to hurt the guiltless child and that widow. Rathi says your family members are my foes. Pritam says I will kill you if you contact them. Nitin and Monty come to Pritam. Rathi says you don’t think about my men, all of you are getting watched. He chuckles. Pritam says Rathi and his men are in the clinic. Angad asks who is Rathi. Pritam says simply a customer, come we will see the child. Jogi and the attendant take Amrita and the child. They lie to the family and leave. Jogi sees Pritam coming. He signs the attendant to go. They conceal Amrita’s face and take her. Nimmo asks Pritam where did you go. Kabir says we was holding up external the uplifting news. Pritam says I was outside, congratulations to all of you. Guneet expresses gratitude toward him and says sorry, we told a ton to you out of resentment, Amrita got saved as a result of you. Soni says I blew up when you yelled on Amrita, much obliged for saving her and child. Nimmo asks whom are you finding around, for what reason do you look strained. Pritam says I m stunned by the uplifting news. Guneet says its a decent second. Pritam asks who is she, do you know her. Kabir says she is Meera, Angad’s… I had enlightened you concerning her. Angad says not as of now. Nitin comes to Pritam. He says I don’t see anybody here. Pritam says Rathi’s compromising isn’t counterfeit. Medical attendant gives Amrita and baby’s record. She says we will move her to general ward now. Soni says she is as of now moved. Attendant says no, who will move her, I was making the documents. Pritam asks didn’t you take her. Attendant says no. They all get stunned. Nimmo says a ward kid and attendant took her. Meera says they said they need to keep child in cleaned room and patient in everyday ward. Attendant says male staff isn’t permitted in labor room. They ask who removed Amrita. Guneet says that medical caretaker took the child moreover. Pritam reviews Rathi’s words. He says perhaps some other staff took her, where is the overall ward, I will take a quick trip and see, don’t worry.

Pritam says Rathi would have sent me a video. Rathi undermines Pritam and allows him two hours to return the rdx.

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