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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Amrita Finds About Pritam

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The Episode begins with Guneet conversing with Kuljeet. Nimmo says its great, you didn’t inform him regarding Amrita. Dada ji asks did Amrita say where did she go. Nimmo says no. Soni says I additionally got strained seeing her state. Guneet says she generally takes somebody along to the clinic, I think she headed off to some place else. Dada ji says she is concerned for us, she sold the bank, don’t have the foggiest idea… what was that document. Angad says it was anything but a clinical document. Kabir says I will determine from her. Angad says don’t ask her much, she will stress. Nimmo says Soni or I will snooze Amrita’s room. Kabir says I will end up being her guardian. Angad requests that he get a new line of work. Kabir says we will attempt. Guneet asks Kabir not to trick them. Nimmo chastens Kabir.

Guneet requests that Kabir sit at the shop. Kabir says never. She asks will you become a lead representative then, at that point, we have given you much time, Amrita sold the bonds for you, its enough currently, sit at the shop. Kabir requests that Dada ji clarify them. Dada ji goes. Soni says Dadu is vexed. Amrita is dozing. She reviews Pritam and that woman’s contention. She awakens. She says who was that woman, what’s her connection with the occupant, he was arguing to her. She calls Mansoor. He asks how could you call me, did your Dada ji fall debilitated. She says he is fine. He asks is Dadi fine, ask her not to pass on. She says she is likewise fine, since when do you know Pritam. He says numerous years, why, did anything occur. She asks how intently do you know him. He asks policed return once more. She says no, a lady… I have seen him going to the consideration home, he was going there with the children’s toy, he was contending with a woman, she was pushing him, who was she, who is in the consideration home, who is Pritam, who is that woman. He inquires as to for what reason did you go there, were you following him, for what reason do you care for his life. She says no, I saw him there, you simply tell me, who is at the consideration home, that lady held his collar, she was an extremely awful lady, you know what she told me. He asks did you meet her. She says she got me, she acted mischievously with me, let me know who was she, in the event that you don’t tell me, I will come to you. He says no need, I will come and clarify you. She says I don’t care for that man, he resembles a thug. He says he isn’t a thug, he is associated with a NGO, he goes there and invests energy with kids, he is a decent man. She asks who was that lady. He says that lady is distraught, she gets out of hand with anybody there, she has no connection with Pritam. She asks are you saying the reality of the situation, are you concealing something. He says no, trust me, all of you are more devil to me, all of you are my genuine family, will I send somebody wrong to your home, trust me, if not Pritam. She says sorry, I didn’t imply that. He says then, at that point, fail to remember it and be careful, I will have tea arranged by you. She closes the call.

Mansoor says Pritam’s own life shouldn’t get uncovered before Sakhujas. The woman comes there. Mansoor requests that his staff leave. He asks how could you come here, Vishaka. She asks what did you figure, I will not go, that thug will do anything, how could he meet Rahul. Mansoor says Rahul is his child. She says he is mine. He inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, what do you get this, attempt to comprehend, you are destroying your life and his life too. She says my life is destroyed, request that Pritam avoid me and Rahul, else I will demolish his life, he lost his employment, I will grab his life too. He asks what does he have now. She says disclose him to go to the court and acknowledge every one of my conditions, else I will make his life heck, I will deliver retribution for each twisted. He asks did Pritam give you wounds and endured wounds. She says assuming he endured wounds, I will hurt him more. She leaves. Mansoor says Pritam, your previous’ shadow has fallen over Amrita. Naveen goes to take cash from Meera’s pack. Meera gets him and requests that he return the wallet. She falls there and gets injured on her head. He asks are you alright. She blacks out. He stresses. He takes the cash and runs. Worker comes there.

Amrita says I ought to have not called Mansoor, I questioned Pritam for reasons unknown, he is a pleasant man, he is doing a ton for honest individual, he has a heart too. Pritam brings Dadaji home. She hurries to him. Pritam says he planned to tumble down, I held him. Amrita requests that everybody come quick. Everybody asks what occurred. He says I felt dazed. Nimmo says you are concerned in light of Kabir. Amrita says his matter is tackled now. Guneet says we have returned the cash. Dada ji says OK, yet we needed to sell Amrita’s securities, did we figure we will save our regard by selling bahu’s securities. Amrita says Karan got it, me and this family had equivalent right on it. She requests that Pritam say. Pritam says clearly. Guneet chastens Kabir. Kabir says I did a mix-up, will I give my life or take off from the house. Amrita sends him. She requests that Dada ji fail to remember everything, she will make tea. Nimmo says you let it be, I will make tea, you’re not fine. Pritam asks what befallen her. Dada ji and Dadi say she was a lot of unwell today, we thought we need to call a specialist. Pritam asks are you fine. Amrita says OK, I will make tea for Dadu. Dada ji requests that she make tea for Pritam too. Amrita says he doesn’t care for anything here. Pritam inquires as to for what reason did you say that, did I decline, I likewise had kheer and godhbharai work food, Dada ji took care of that to me, I will have tea. He requests that she get tea. She asks are you fine.


Dadi requests whom did you get the toys. Amrita says he works for NGO and commends birthday of certain children. The family commends Pritam.

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