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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th October 2021

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

The Episode begins with Amrita crying in torment. Pritam asks her not to stress, she will be fine. Amrita says you are answerable for this, Soni kill him in the event that anything happens to me. Pritam says I was furious that time, it was your mix-up. She slaps him and chastens. Rathi’s thugs stop Pritam and take shots at him. Amrita and Soni shout. Pritam requests that the driver take a u-turn. The hooligans follow. Soni asks who took shots at you. Pritam says don’t know. Jogi says I will shoot you. Soni says we might have shot. Amrita says he is a thug, cause him to get down the vehicle. Pritam requests that driver turn off the lights for quite a while. He requests that Amrita have persistence, she will be fine, she will be excessively furious, yet she ought to unwind. Amrita reproves him. Pritam says I m likewise anxious, and furthermore smashed, I m expressing what I can comprehend. He requests that Soni handle Amrita. Amrita says I wish Karan was there, he would have taken care of everything. He asks her not to cry. She hits him with a bottle.

Guneet inquires as to for what reason did you let Pritam take Amrita. Chobey says I went to get the vehicle. Dadi says Pritam resembled distraught. Kabir comes and asks where is Amrita. Dada ji says you ought to have remained at home. Nimmo asks where did he take Amrita. Angad says we will go to Karan’s medical clinic, we can’t trust Pritam, he is plastered. Pritam calls Angad. Soni converses with Angad. Pritam requests that they go to the lifecare emergency clinic quick. Guneet, Angad, Nimmo and Kabir leave. Pritam asks Nitin did you reach, are the game plans done, fine. Nitin and Monty go to the clinic. Pritam says we can’t arrive at Amrita’s clinic on schedule. Monty says this is likewise one of the most mind-blowing hospital.

Pritam asks Amrita not to stress. Specialist actually takes a look at the document. Pritam says she got work torments. Soni says he yelled on her. Specialist asks are you her significant other. Soni says no. He says her significant other is no more. Amrita says I lost my significant other, I don’t need to lose my child. Pritam says stay solid, nothing will happen to you and the child. Amrita is taken to OT. Soni says this child is our expectation. Pritam reviews his words to Amrita, and cries. Nitin asks him not to stress. Monty says I will get water for you, stay there. Soni goes. Nitin says this is the best specialist. Pritam says somebody was following me and shot at me, don’t know who. Nitin says Rathi, he may have thought about rdx. Jogi comes there and calls Rathi. He says he is at the medical clinic, he got the pregnant woman here for conveyance. Rathi asks is she his lady. Jogi says no, she is a widow, Pritam is concerned. Rathi says they have some association, stay there, that lady and her child will be helpful, I think she is his shortcoming. Jogi says OK. Rathi says currently see how I manage you. Nitin requests that Pritam rest for at some point. Pritam says I will clean up and come. The family comes. Kabir admonishes Pritam. Angad thrashes Pritam. Nimmo stops Angad. She admonishes Pritam. Guneet slaps Pritam. Nitin and Monty stop them. Nitin says your bahu is in the process of giving birth room, she is protected. Monty says specialist is going to her. Kabir says in the event that anything happens to Amrita and child, I won’t leave you. Soni embraces Nimmo and says Amrita is in torment. Nitin stops Angad.

He says we need to ponder Amrita at this moment. Pritam says I have committed a major error, however I guarantee, I won’t let anything happen to Amrita and her child. Guneet admonishes him.

Nitin says Pritam got Amrita to the medical clinic, Amrita is protected, ask Soni, doctored say anything. Soni says no. Monty requests that Pritam accompany them. Specialist comes to converse with them. She says patient is in torment, she is drained, she isn’t ready to push, I can’t say anything, matter has become convoluted, we might have to perform a medical procedure. Guneet says do it if necessary. Specialist says OK, yet we can save both of mum or child in the present circumstance. They all get stunned. Nimmo says save our Amrita, we don’t need to lose her. Specialist says fine, stay here, we will make an honest effort, we might require blood gift. Angad says we are here. Pritam looks on and cries. Jogi hears this. Naveen says control Meera, she is conversing with Kabir, what’s happening between this. Meera requests that he maintain good manners. She says Amrita is in the clinic for conveyance. Krishnakant grins. Meera says her condition is not kidding. Krishnakant says I will likewise come. Meera asks him not to come. Naveen says they offended father. Krishnakant says Karan’s child is coming, I will come and meet them. Meera expresses profound gratitude, petition God for them. He says Amrita is a great young lady, no compelling reason to show self image right now, we will appeal to God for her. He petitions God for Amrita and her child. Guneet converses with Dada ji. He says Angad and Kabir will give blood, I m strained. Dada ji says all will be great, your mum is supplicating here, is Pritam there. Guneet says don’t take his name, he is still drunk.

Pritam says I have done this, she was doing fine, her conveyance was in about fourteen days, I told her a ton of terrible things, she doesn’t have boldness to convey her youngster, Vishaka is correct, I m a nauseating man, I can’t see family’s bliss. Nitin and Monty request that he require some investment. Pritam asks how might I rest when this is going on as a result of me. Kabir asks will I get tea for you. Guneet says no, get a few snacks for Nimmo. Nimmo says I can’t even have water, proceed to give blood. Meera comes. Nimmo inquires as to for what reason did you come here. Meera says I couldn’t quit finding out about Amrita, don’t request that I go, please. Guneet asks who informed you. Kabir says I had called you, I requested that she come, she came running for Amrita, comprehend her feelings. Angad looks on. Pritam says I won’t move until her conveyance occurs, I was furious on Vishaka and admonished Amrita, I disdain myself, Amrita is directly about me. Pritam says assuming anything happens to them, I can’t excuse myself. Monty says no. Pritam says we will appeal to God for them, my life got demolished, their satisfaction shouldn’t get destroyed. They say it won’t happen.

Amrita is in the OT. Jogi goes to her. He says we are moving patient to general ward. Pritam comes there.

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