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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Amrita Spies On Pritam

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana fourteenth October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

The Episode begins with Naveen denying to Meera. She says your eyes are consistently red, you stay in your room consistently, I m stressed for you, tell me, do you consume medications, I can take care of you, I will not tell father. He chastens her. She lifts hand and stops. He goes. Amrita gets haldi milk for Dada and Dadi. She requests that they make a video. Dada ji gets tragic and says no. Dadi says we are troubling the youngsters. Dada ji says we are turning out to be minimal before them. Amrita says don’t think along these lines, you gave great qualities and opportunity to your youngsters, all will be well, we will before long emerge from this tempest, Kabir will find a new line of work soon. Dadi says we are frightened to keep trust now, Guneet is abundantly stressed. Dada asks would i be able to land Karan’s position now, we will get some cash in the house. Dadi says OK, I will likewise accomplish some work. Amrita says its enough, you will not say this once more, how might you work in this age, relax, I need to bring forth Karan’s child, then, at that point, I will deal with everything.

Amrita says I need to be content, don’t get dismal. She grins. She goes to her room. She deceives rest. She remains anxious thinking about the family issues. Pritam can’t take a break. He can’t rest. He sings a birthday tune. Amrita hears him singing. She says perhaps its his birthday, no. He acts to converse with his child. He calls Nitin. He says sorry, I need your assistance, I m going to meet Rahul, you realize I blow up soon, I need to work on conversing with him. Nitin asks what’s there to rehearse. Pritam says I don’t have a clue what to say, you become Rahul, I will converse with you. Nitin goes about as Rahul. Pritam converses with him. Nitin requests that he talk well. Pritam says sorry. He gets passionate while practicing. He says I don’t need to cry, pause. He says I m fine, I had a lot of work, presently I will come at whatever point you call me, do you miss me. Nitin says a great deal, and you. Pritam says I always remember you. Nitin asks does mummy prevent you from meeting me. Pritam yells on him. Nitin says sorry. Pritam closes the call. Amrita asks on whom is he talking. She sees Karan’s pic. She says for what reason am I considering him, Karan I need to accomplish something. Nitin calls Pritam and asks are you fine, rest now, your feelings will discover your words. Pritam says fine. He cries.

Amrita gets the records from the cabinet. She sees Karan’s pic. Its morning, the man says you can land the position as indicated by rules, yet your conveyance is expected. She says OK, I needed to apply soon, I will join after conveyance. He says its alright, we can see opening till then, at that point. She says I have no experience of clinical field. He says you can land any position in administrator dept, however you should see your child moreover. She says my family is adoring, they will care for the child, I need to assume Karan’s liability. He says Karan used to tell about his family, I m pleased with you. She expresses gratitude toward him. Meera contends with a partner about Kabir. Jatin eliminates Kabir’s family pics and says I will dump this in a canister. Meera takes the pics. She says Kabir informed me, I will return the pics.

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Kabir sits thinking. Angad asks what occurred, accompany me, fail to remember everything. Kabir says I got father offended. Angad says fail to remember it, come. Soni says father has pardoned you. Kabir says mum is exceptionally irate on me. Nimmo comes and asks did Amrita go out once more, Tutu said she saw her heading off to some place. Kabir asks where will she go. She says I m not conversing with you, she isn’t in the house. Amrita gets a call. She says I will return home and tell everything. She sees Pritam chatting on telephone. She stops the auto. Pritam says how could she come, I needed to come there and meet Rahul, don’t let her take Rahul. Nitin requests that he come quick. Pritam leaves in an auto. Amrita follows him. Pritam meets Nitin. Nitin says she made a major show, go inside quick. Pritam heads inside. Nitin calls Monty. Amrita sees the youngster care home and figures for what reason did Pritam come here, he said its his companion’s child’s birthday, where did he go. She goes to see. She feels strained seeing the kids. Pritam and his significant other contend. Amrita takes a gander at them. She says who is this lady.


Amrita says who is that lady, for what reason are they battling, where did they go. His better half stops Amrita and grins evilly.

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