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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dadi hanging tight for Akshu at the door and getting down on her. Akshu is seen coming. She stops the man and sheets the boat. Suwarna says Akshu will be coming, our stand by of three years will end. Dadi says she needed to go that time. Akshu sees individuals and sings for them. Dil se bandhi….plays… Suwarna hears some strong and asks what’s this impact. She giggles seeing Manish and Alhilesh with the cake sprinkled on their cake. Manish asks are you giggling on me, I was making cake for Akshu and Aarohi. Vansh comes and records them. He says I m simply managing my job, your chaotic video will get me many preferences, for what reason do you do this, I would have made the cake. Suwarna jokes. She requests that he fix the cake. Manish says another person does the impacts in this house, I need to converse with them, I trust all is well. Akhilesh says they have grown up. Manish says wounds shouldn’t develop. Suwrna says nothing will happen when Akshu comes back.

Akshu hits the dance floor with the young ladies. She asks that everything gets fine. Kairav comes and says your desire will be satisfied. She embraces him and says we missed you. He says they all are glad that you are coming. She says they should be more cheerful, Aarohi’s MBBS result is coming, I needed to come this time, my Aarohi called me, I m very prepared to meet them. He takes her home. She gets a major amazement. Dadi embraces her. Suwarna likewise embraces her and says you didn’t miss me. Akshu says I missed you a great deal. She praises Akhilesh and embraces him. Vansh jokes and hits the dance floor with her. Manish comes and embraces her. She asks him not to cry. He says men who don’t embrace their youngsters and cry, don’t look valid, fail to remember Aarohi’s irritation. Akshu says I never felt awful of her words, fail to remember it, Vansh tell me, what will you feed me today. Kairav says I m your fav. She says you both are my fav, Ram Lakhan. They dance and embrace. Akshu gets down on Aarohi and says I m back, we are together once more. Aarohi says don’t say, its something glad. Kairav says everybody can see the satisfaction. Aarohi reviews Sirat’s passing. Akshu runs and embraces her. She says its an uncommon day for me too. Kairav says we know, your MBBS result will come today. Aarohi embraces him. Vansh says you are the first to become specialist in our family. Aarohi disregards Akshu. Manish stops them and says there is still an ideal opportunity for result to come, I need to converse with you.

Suwarna asks does he really wanted to talk today. Dadi says OK, he is doing well. Manish says we realize Akshu needs to join NGO, and Aarohi will turn into a specialist, if your folks were there toay, they would have conversed with you, its my obligation, I need to talk about… They ask marriage? What’s the rush? He says you have grown up, you can find the folks, if you like anybody, make them meet us, else we will find the folks. Aarohi says there is nobody in my life, I will impart it to you in the event that I like somebody. He says pleasant. Akshu says give me some time, I need to get a connection together with myself first and afterward somebody, I will track down my own bliss and afterward bring joy to somebody. He says fine, this matter will come out once more, be ready, come, result will be out. Aarohi says express gratitude toward God, you didn’t say OK, else they would have after me, what were you saying. Kairav requests that they come and see the outcome. Aarohi really takes a look at the outcome. She tops and grins. Everybody applauds her. Aarohi says I have beaten in Rajasthan. They say well done, state clincher. Everybody embraces and moves. Akshu says you made another record in clinical history, that’s stunning. Aarohi checks the outcome once more. Everybody asks what occurred. Aarohi says I have not made history, I bested it this year, somebody broke the record last time. Dadi says its fine. Aarohi says I m not number one. She says Akshu knew it previously, that’s why she told this purposefully. Akshu says I didn’t know, I can’t hurt you even in my fantasy. Aarohi says you can’t endure my joy. Aarohi argues.

Manish calls it enough. Aarohi cries and goes. Akshu thinks this happened as a result of Abhimanyu Birla, I didn’t need any issue between us. Abhimanyu is seen riding a bicycle. He gets his father Harshvardhan’s call. Aarohi and Akshu contend. Akshu says everybody loves you. Aarohi says I couldn’t make my mum number one, so I need to be number one, I m hurt by your phony love. Akshu cries and says I was so eager to meet you. Aarohi says you grabbed my mum from me, you generally refresh my injuries like today. She goes. Akshu feels windedness. She takes a full breath. She sings O Kanha…. Abhimanyu stops the bicycle when his mum calls him. He says you call me when I race the bicycle, don’t stress, I will drive safe, Sir has grown up, yet defame about me. She says he is hanging tight for you, specialist needs to reach on schedule. He says I know, I generally arrived at when the patient required me, ask Sir not to do tandav. She says drive slow, you don’t listen when I talk about marriage. He says I don’t trust in marriage, some imagine cheerful and some are dismal, I will meet at home. She says your marriage will have bliss and love additionally, you will before long meet a young lady who will change your reasoning and life. Abhimanyu stops there hearing Akshu’s song.

Abhimanyu gets Akshu’s anklet. Akshu goes. Aarohi says he is Abhimanyu, he is hot, I need to meet him once.

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