Star Plus Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Sirat Faces A Big Trouble

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fourteenth October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

The Episode begins with Goenkas coming to remain in a retreat. Children love the spot. Dadi says we can remain here and praise celebrations. Surekha says Lav and Kush are fine, they said Manish got some information about this. Sirat says express gratitude toward God. Dadi asks will Manish and Akhilesh need future time. Suwarna says OK, Kartik’s time will set aside time, you make Akshu and Aarohi rest, guardian left this letter for you. Sirat says it will be blood reports. Suwarna says it will be clear, presently you will be battling the situation. Dadi says Kartik has taken great consideration of her. Surekha says I will proceed to keep my pack. Suwarna requests that Sirat actually take a look at the letter. Sirat gets stunned and says drug content is found in my blood, that is unlawful to expand the endurance, I got excluded, I can’t play any match now. She cries.

Everybody sees the news. Manish says media needs a reason to render retribution on us. Everybody worres. Dadi asks will we change this spot. Kartik says this report will not transform, I m sure lab staff committed an error or somebody changed the report, we ought to finish the tests once more. Arvind says organization doesn’t need re-tests. Sirat shows the meds she is taking. Surekha looks on. Kartik says she doesn’t eat a single thing from outside. Sirat asks did anybody change my report. Arvind says I will take the tablets to the lab and really take a look at it. Kartik asks Sirat not to stress. He goes. Sirat hears Surekha saying this is Karma, Sirat got my kids maligned, presently she is getting criticized. Akhilesh expresses what are you saying, her vocation is in question. She contends.

Sirat asks genuinely, you suspect as much. Surekha says as you sow, as you harvest. Sirat says I didn’t inform anything to the columnist regarding Lav and Kush, I was right on track that day and I m not off-base today. Akhilesh says don’t feel awful. Sirat says I feel awful when a relative doesn’t confide in me, it harms my heart, you are off-base this time. Surekha goes. Suwarna stresses and figures when will their disparities end. Dadi and everybody talk. Sirat gets Kartik’s call. She asks is everything fine. He says your iron tablets are changed, its some restricted medication. They get stunned.

Sirat asks how could this occur, for what reason will my primary care physician do this. Kartik says its another medication, box is same, yet tablets are changed. She asks what, it implies, the medications content found is valid, all that will be over for me. He says we will discover. She asks who will do this with me. He says I m returning home, we will uncover the individual who did this. He closes call. Sirat says how might somebody change the tablets.

She inquires as to whether there was anybody at the scientist when she was getting it. Gayu thinks. She says Surekha has gone to take the meds this time. She reviews Surekha saying I needed the vehicle to meet my companion, I will get the meds. Gayu gives her Sirat’s remedy. Suwarna says I m happy you are working on something for Sirat. Surekha asks what’s going on did I do, I got the drugs, don’t fault me. Suwarna says Gayu is attempting to realize who changed the drugs, you disapprove of Sirat, you were glad that Sirat for rebuffed, I had heard your discussions.

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Surekha thinks you figure I did this, I couldn’t care less, Sirat has harmed me and my kids, presently she is harmed as a result of somebody, what’s up. Suwarna says you did this deliberately. Surekha says you figure I will do this modest thing. Sirat says Surekha can’t do this. Akhilesh says OK, she can’t do this. Manish requests that they think and talk. Surekha requests that Dadi say something to protect her. Dadi says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Suwarna says possibly you did this out of resentment. Surekha says I can’t accept this, for what reason will I do this, I could do without Sirat’s title, I know whether Sirat gets maligned, then, at that point, our family will likewise get stigmatized, all of you contemplate me. Gayu asks who can do this. Sirat says Surekha can’t do this. Surekha says sufficient now, I realize I have no worth here. She goes. Akhilesh says she can’t do a particularly appalling thing. Surekha accompanies her pack. She says I would prefer not to remain here. Akhilesh and Suwarna attempt to stop her. Surekha yells and contends. She says I would prefer not to see your face, everything happened as a result of you. She goes. Dadi cries. Sirat requests that Dadi stop Surekha. Akhilesh says she won’t stop. Gayu inquires as to for what reason would you like to stop her. Sirat says she objects to me, yet she can’t do this, the medications found in my body is restricted by the games authority, on the off chance that she changed the prescriptions, she would lack it herself, she might have spiked the food too. Dadi says OK, she is correct, we didn’t think about this. Gayu says on the off chance that Surekha didn’t change the tablets, who transformed it. Sirat calls Kartik.

They go to the scientist. He says OK, you are correct, Surekha can’t do this, I m glad for you. The man requests that Sirat purchase prescriptions from other shop. He says you are ingesting medications. She says I got the medications from your shop. She requests that he see Surekha’s pic. The man requests that she leave. Kartik holds his collar and chastens. The man says I have cctv camera, I will call the police. Kartik requests that he show the cctv film of the last week. They see the recording.


Kartik says you need to win. Sirat gets lightheaded. She tumbles down. Kartik yells. He requests that she get up and satisfy her guarantee.

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