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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th November 2021 Episode Written Update

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GPS quiets down Vasu by giving her blossom gajra. Rudra and Preesha insult them both. Vasu feels bashful. The two of them leave for home and keeping in mind that in vehicle Rudra sees Preesha’s genuine face and asks reason. She says she needs to have frozen yogurt. He stops her at frozen yogurt slow down. She appreciates frozen yogurt. He says there is another way of getting a charge out of frozen yogurt, applies frozen yogurt on her nose and licks it. He then aplies it on her cheeks and lips and attempts to lick it. She requests to keep an eye out the spot. He says its alright and is going to lick it when Param stops his vehicle and says he heard a great deal about Rudra and Preesha’s love and saw it today, the two of them are astounding. Preesha says if their affection is valid and their heart is spotless, they get a decent soul mate; she trusts even Param is acceptable and will get a decent soul mate. Param trusts so and illuminates Rudra about marking authoritative records. Rudra requests to visit his home toward the beginning of the day. Param concurs and leaves.

Next morning, Rudra gets heartfelt while Preesha is occupied with taking care of breakfast to Saransh. Exactly when he is going to kiss her, Param enters with records. Rudra welcomes him in and keeping in mind that marking records says Preesha says he is unromantic, yet when he gets heartfelt, she doesn’t have time. Param says he is a heartfelt individual and preferences them a ton, he can organize a heartfelt date in his studio’s private space for them where they can invest a quality heartfelt energy with one another. Rudra concurs and expresses gratitude toward him. In the evening, Rudra sits tight for Preesha in Param’s recording studio. She enters. He sings his heartfelt melody for herself and gets heartfelt with her. He then, at that point, lifts her and takes her to room where he gets personal with her on bed. She begins sniffling. He sees blossoms which she is sensitive to on bed and removes her. She inquires as to for what reason did he keep those blossoms on bed. He says Param didn’t know about her sensitivity, his suhagraat is destroyed once more. She says she will design suhagraat this time.

GPS expresses gratitude toward Subbu for deceiving Vasu. Subbu inquires as to whether Vasu didn’t question him. GPS says no and solicitations to lie even this Sunday as he needs to meet his mysterious individual. Subbu asks till when he will conceal this mystery. GPS says a few insider facts are better kept mystery and says thanks to him for concealing his privileged insights. Next morning, Vasu while eating talks about her diwali shopping anticipate Sunday with GPS. GPS says he can’t go on Sunday as he is going out with Subbu and different companions. Vasu blows up and asks where was Subbu such an extremely long time. He spoils her and quiets her down. She allows him to meet Subbu and different companions and asks when will he return. He says he will be late similar to last time and ventures out from home for some work. She requests that he reach there and call her back.

Next morning, Preesha sprinkles water from her hair on Rudra after wash. Rudra opens eyes and says he is glad that his significant other is arranging suhagraat around evening time and demands to tell her arrangement. She says he should sit tight for an amazement till evening. He moves Param’s summon and strolls. She considers a lodging and books a suite for their heartfelt night.

Precap: Rudra illuminates Param that Preesha is adversely affected by the blossoms he kept on bed. Rudra arrives at inn where secretary illuminates him that Preesha is hanging tight for him in a café. He sees strolls to a lady thinking she is Preesha. GPS gets a call around evening time and leaves. Vasu gets dubious reasoning he got a woman’s call and she will discover what is he hiding.

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