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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th October 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha lets Arman know that she can’t return, so allow everybody to feel that she is dead. She says they will leave India. Arman says they will do whatever she says, its useful for her child, they will begin another life away from Rudra and her past. She concurs. He attempts to embrace her. She stops him. He says he is simply worried for him, they will go far away from here to Australia. She says she wants to rest and getting back to her room thinks she questions Arman since the start subsequent to hearing overseer Chautala got back to discover Arman’s inclusion in Sania’s murder. She further thinks she wants to substantiate herself honest, then, at that point, she will get back to Rudra and uncover that she is pregnant, till then she will remain with Arman and mess around with him to discover who is Sania’s genuine murderer.

A music industry specialist Rahul Khanna comes to meet Rudraksh. Sharda says he can’t meet Rudra. Rahul says he has a deep understanding of Rudra, fans are frantically anxious to watch Rudra in front of an audience, he needs to help Rudra. Sharda says he can’t and takes him to Rudra’s room where he is seeing crying watching Preesha’s pics. Rahul demands, however Sharda sends him away. Saransh sees Rudra’s condition and guides Sharda he knows. Sharda takes juice for Rudra and solicitations him to have it. Rudra denies. Saransh says he left school and won’t have food like Rudra. Rudra requests that he have food. Sharda requests that Saransh have food as his mom is watching him any place she is. Saransh says mamma needed him to become renowned and Rudra to be a major artist, however since Rudra isn’t made a big deal about her desire, he will likewise not. Rudra embraces him and figures he will live for his child now on and apologizes Preesha for not dealing with their child. Sharda illuminates that a specialist needs him to sign for concerts.

Arman gets back. Chachaji asks him for what valid reason he isn’t made a big deal about Preesha’s demise, Anvi is in profound shock, and for what reason is he individually selling their Indian organizations. Arman says its his business, so for what reason is Chachajii troubled; he is doing this to disappear Preesha’s torment. Chachaji figures how did Arman change out of nowhere. Preesha in her room vomits because of hormonal changes and thinks she and her child are missing Rudra, soon they will meet him. She feels suffocated and attempts to leave. Watchmen stop him and solicitation to remain back in room on Arman’s orders and open her room windows for natural air. Preesha vapor on Arman and decides to uncover his reality. Arman visits her after at some point. She blows up on Arman for limiting her in a house. Arman requests that she quiet down as they are as yet in India and she can’t go out transparently, he has booked their tickets for Australia and the two of them with their youngsters will live cheerfully in Australia. Preesha thinks let him dream, she will uncover him soon.

Rahul meets Rudra and illuminates that he has coordinated a show to day for him as his fans are distraught to hear him and tickets got sold in 2 hours. Rudra says he is shaping an organization Preesha records and will sing only for it. Rahul concurs. Rudra thinks he is doing this for his and Preesha’s child Saransh and will be Saransh’s good example. He freezes before show and says he can’t sing. Sharda attempts to quiet him down. Rahul gives him a beverage. Rudra quiets down and envisions Preesha coming and holding his hand taking him to arrange. Yeh Hain Chahatein… plays behind the scenes. Sharda asks Rahul what did he provide for Rudra. Rahul says he gave him a huge beverage to unwind. Sharda asks him not to rehash it or, more than likely Rudra will turn into a drunkard again.

Constable tosses Sunil’s sweetheart behind bars and orders her to uncover truth to Chautala assuming she needs to get away. Mishka in a similar prison cell helps her. Woman cries that her beau Sunil succumbed to Sania and Arman’s lies and fell into difficulty. Constables takes lady step back. Mishka catching wind of Arman and Sania’s name thinks she really wants to see whether they are same Arman and Sania. Constable tosses back lady behind bars cell and says she won’t get food until she uncovers Sunil’s truth to investigator. Lady feels hungry. Mishka gives her food to her and asks her name. Lady says she is Reshma and Sunil is her beau. Mishka asks who is killed. Reshma says nobody as it was only a drama.

Precap: Reshma uncovers Mishka that Arman played a homicide dramatization to isolate Rudra and Preesha, Sania is alive. Mishka inquires as to whether Preesha is in prison in Sania’s murder case. Reshma says Preesha is dead in a mishap. Arman uncovers Chautala that he has stowed away Sunil as per his arrangement. Mishka calls Rudra and illuminates that she has a proof that will demonstrate Preesha innocent.

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