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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Anvi Accepts Her Mistake

Yeh Hai Chahatein fourteenth October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Rudra is in Sharda’s medical clinic room dealing with her. Preesha brings nourishment for him. He denies to have it. She partakes in a couple of chomps. He asks how might she be unbothered by maa’s condition. Preesha jokes and afterward says they should be solid to deal with maa. He concurs, and she takes care of him. Sharda’s condition weakens. Medical attendant sends them away and calls specialist who gives he defibrillator shocks. Chachaji strolls to them and asks what occurred. Preesha says maa’s condition is exceptionally basic. Chachaji calls Arman and educates him that Sharda is condition is exceptionally basic and she may not be endure. Arman gets strained and educates Sania that if Sharda bites the dust, they will be caught in a homicide case. Anvi finds out about Sharda and demands them to take her to Prishma and allow her to educate everything to her. The two of them attempt to persuade her, yet she doesn’t and runs out of house to meet Preesha. He runs behind her dreading his reality will be out.

Specialist treats Sharda and advises Rudra that her condition is steady at this point. Rudra unwinds. Preesha says maa is god to such an extent that nothing will happen to her. Rudra says he won’t extra an individual due to whom maa is in this condition. Anvi enters and says daadi’s condition is a result of her and starts crying. Preesha inquires as to for what reason would she hurt her daadi. Anvi says its a slip-up as she needed Saransh to endure as Preesha is one-sided towards Saransh and doesn’t adore her any longer. Preesha and Rudra stand stunned. Anvi proceeds with that she simply needed to send Saransh away from Preesha to allow Preesha to cherish her back, yet didn’t have any desire to hurt daadi.

Arman enters and says even he is stunned hearing this and when he discover, he brought Anvi here; he won’t shield her error and will take her to police headquarters, let her go to adolescent focus and understand her mix-up. Preesha says Anvi is a child. Arman says he will take her to police headquarters at the present time. Rudra stops her. Preesha says Anvi need mental directing. Rudra says as Preesha said, they will attempt to direct her as opposed to sending her to adolescent focus or, in all likelihood she will get more rebelious. Arman says he is feeling winded reasoning imagine a scenario in which Saransh was in Sharda’s place. Rudra says Anvi is their child and they together will address her. He requests that Preesha feed Anvi something. Preesha removes Anvi.

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Arman halted Anvi and controlling Anvi once more. Rudra inquires as to whether he erased resort’s parking area video. Arman acts and says he didn’t have some other choice to save Anvi, however he ought to have sent her to adolescent focus. Rudra says in case it was another person than Anvi, he would have rebuffed her. Arman expresses gratitude toward her for saving Anvi and leaves requesting her to take care from Sharda. Preesha takes Anvi to cafeteria and feeds her. Rudra strolls to her. She feels remorseful that she didn’t take great consideration of Anvi and constrained her to make this outrageous stride, Sania stripped Anvi, however she can’t. Arman says Arman and Sania should feel regretful for not taking appropriate consideration of Anvi, he doesn’t think Anvi alone can think wrong and perhaps some senior is involved. Preesha says whatever it is, she is guarantee Anvi that she adores her. Medical attendant illuminates them that Sharda is cognizant at this point. They race to Sharda’s room, deal with her. Sequential’s title track plays behind the scenes. After test, specialist says Sharda is totally fine and they can take her home tomorrow. The two of them get cheerful

Precap: Ahuja meets Rudra and requests that he prepare for show as he needs to leave for Shimila tomorrow itself. Rudra takes Preesha along. Arman likewise arrives at Shimla and acts astonished. Rudra inquires as to why idd he come here. Arman says for Preesha has she did wizardry on him.

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