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Will We See the Death of Orochimaru in Naruto?

From the very beginning of Naruto we have seen several villains appear in the series. One of the most noteworthy villains is Orochimaru who is famous for snake assaults and experiments on snakes. He comes from Konohagakure village and like most of the villagers he is also a ninja. In search of immortality, Orochimaru unethically experimented on a few objects and that is why he had to leave Konohagakure village without telling anyone. He wants to destroy his village to seek his revenge. After several unsuccessful attempts he understood that his strategies were not going to work. Since then he changed his attitude and started living with his old companion, Kabuto Yakushi and former student named Sasuke Uchiha. 

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Orochimaru has come close to a near death experience several times but the question that all the fans have been asking for a very long time is whether Orochimaru will die or not? In the battle of Slain, his body was destroyed but his soul got trapped inside of a curse mark. Here Sasuke killed Orochimaru despite Sanin trying to save him by soul transferring. After being absent for quite a long time, he reappeared while Itachi was battling Sasuke. He possessed Sasuke’s body and in the battle Itachi defeated Sasuke but three snakes tried to escape from the dead body of Sasuke which is assumed to be the soul of Orochimaru.


After this defeat Sasuke planned to resurrect Orochimaru by putting the villainous mind in a living body. He found the hideout of Orochimaru and started the process of resurrection. Once this happened, he started genetic experimentation and till now he is free to go anywhere but the shinobis always keep an eye on him. In the meantime he has successfully cracked a deal with Konoha village along with five of the greatest nations in exchange for all day long monitoring of Konoha jonin.

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