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What Will be the Fate of Yelena in Attack On Titan

Yelena is one of the central characters of the widely popular anime series named, “Attack on Titan”. This series lives in the hearts of most anime fans. Yelena was not part of the series from the beginning. She joined the cast after season 3. In this article, we are going to discuss the life of Yelena and also the fate of Yelena in this series. The most important question that might be arising in a lot of people’s minds is whether she will survive or die. We will try to answer this question based on the Manga origin of the character. So, if you don’t like spoilers then you should stop reading this article from this point. 


Yelena worked for Zeke Yaeger and he made her the leader of the Anti-Marley team after realising that her thought process is similar to him. This woman served Zeke because she fully believed in him as Zeke saved her from death during her homeland invasion. She was present with Eren when he performed rumbling. Her appearance is quite different from the other female characters that we usually see in anime. She is tall and possesses a muscular body like men. Her hair is blonde and with her clear thinking ability, Yelena often executed the missions given to her.   

Finally, it is time to answer the question. The answer of which you are searching. In the Manga, Yelena survived and did not die in anyone’s hand. She was arrested after the headquarters was destroyed. After her arrest, she was sentenced to death. All the Manga readers know the tragic ending of ‘Attack on Titan’ as we lost one of the most beloved characters in the season finale. somehow, Yelena survived all the fights and was captured by the enemy army. That’s how he avoided a brutal death. 


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