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What Powers Did Itachi Sacrifices for Naruto and Sacrifice Made by Shisui for the Sake of the Leaf

Naruto is the central character of the Manga based Japanese anime by the same name and he aspires of becoming the Hokage. But most of the fans of this series loved Uchiha more than Naruto because of the way the character is presented. Every character in Naruto wanted to change everything around them. Some of them choose to do it in the right way while others went in the wrong path. Itachi is often considered as a negative character. His character is neither white nor black but grey. There are many reasons to hate tachi but when you come to know about all his sufferings and pain that he has gone through you just can’t hate him. He is a true Shinobi and when he met Naruto, he gave away some of his powers. Itachi does not want Sasuke to take his eyes so when he met Naruto for the third time he just wanted to save Naruto from the hands of Sasuke and his Mangekyou Sharingan. Deep inside Naruto always believed that Itachi is the only one who can defeat Sasuke so he decided to give him the Eye of Shisui.

What Powers Did Itachi Sacrifices for Naruto and Sacrifice Made by Shisui for the Sake of the Leaf

At the end, Itachi is the one who used Eye of Shisui as he wanted to save his nation from the reanimation jutsu. He fought the battle alongside Sasuke and killed the crow with the help of Amaterasu so that all the power stays in good hands. Other powers of Itachi includes balck flames which is his own Amaterasu. Apart from that Shisui also gifted his Kotoamatsukami powers to Itachi during his childhood. Itachi has also mastered genjutsu. Itachy showed his hidden powers in front of Sasuke which includes Totsuka Blade which eventually saves Sasuke from the curse given by Orchimaru. During war, the same blade has also helped his team to seal the victory by gaining reanimated Nagato. With or without the power given to him by Naruto, Itachi will always remain one of the strongest characters in the anime series, Naruto.

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