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What Can We Expect From the 9th Episode of Tsuki To Laika To Nosferatu

All of the fans of the anime series ‘Tsuki To Laika To Nosferatu’ are eagerly waiting for the 9th installment of this series. We have been introduced to three of the lead characters at the very beginning of the series and they are Irina, Anya and Lev. In the previous episode, we saw that Lev and Irina were playing and soldiers arrived at the scene.

What Can We Expect From the 9th Episode of Tsuki To Laika To Nosferatu

Irina’s leg got crushed in the incident. Irina got into a fight with Roza and Lev stopped them from fighting with each other. On the same evening, Anya paid a visit to Irina and reminded her about the gruesome training process that she had undergone. Anya wanted to analyze Irina’s body and Anya told that she had never heard of Irina. Lev questioned Irina about the committee meeting and she told Lev to worry about himself. They talked about the upcoming test and Levy left the place after he spoke to Anya about Irina. Finally, when she was alone, Irina recalled everything that happened in the meeting. She remembered that there was an order for her disposal which was postponed temporarily. Anya talked to Irina before Lev arrived at the scene to comfort Irina. Finally, they realized that they had to leave all their sorrows behind and had to celebrate new year’s eve. They put on new dresses and started celebrating the new year.

The 9th Episode of  Tsuki To Laika To Nosferatu will be released on November 29, 2021, where Anya will talk about her early life and struggles of being an orphan to Irina. They will meet another girl who will greet them with a happy new year wish along with offering them, sweets. Irina will have a conversation with Santa about her short home time. You can watch the episode on Monday at sharp 1:50 PM JST on Crunchyroll and Funimation. In case these platforms are not available for you then you can also catch the episode on the official youtube channel of this anime series. We all expect that in the episode we will see the reunion of Lev and Irina on New Year’s eve. 


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