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Vidrohi Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

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The Episode begins with the pastor requesting that Kalyani move wedded and disappear, else Fletcher will hurt their realm more. Radha consoles Jagabandhu. Tulokma comes and contends with him. Radha says I realize you are disturbed. Tulokma says no, I got broken seeing my better half getting slapped before everybody, I don’t need to remain here, how might Maa request that he proceed to serve the Paika. Jagabandhu goes to Gadadhar and says I m more hurt than you. Gadadhar says you had addressed me, so mum had slapped me. Jagabandhu says you have seen her indignation, not her affection, she will trust you, accompany me. He takes him to Maa. Maa asks why is he here, he ought to be in the town serving individuals. Gadadhar blows up. Jagabandhu says he needs to say sorry, how might he become better if we don’t pardon him. Gadadhar apologizes to Maa and falls in her feet. Maa says your words have no worth, I will trust you when I see lament in your activities. Maharaj Mukund is called by Fletcher. His significant other requests that he settle on a decision today. He says I generally lost something. She says you chose right, you need to stay with great terms with, we don’t have anything to lose now. Jagabandhu converses with Paikas. Charan comes there and gives Fletcher’s message. Jagabandhu reads… Doctor needed to take care of saving Badamba Naresh. He sees Dr. Thomas dead. Charan says we as a whole are captives to the britishers, I realize none can prevail upon them, I m attempting to keep up with harmony. Jagabandhu says nothing will occur if we kill this manikin, accompany me. They go to meet Fletcher. Maharaj Mukund comes there. He asks why are you here. He says you chose to revolt once more. He admonishes Jagabandhu.

They contend. Maharaj says proceed to turn into the agitator, kill me and go. Jagabandhu gets stunned. Maharaj says your tenacity will turn into a justification behind my passing, you would have gotten this on the off chance that you took birth in Baxi family. Jagabandhu cries. He says you are correct, I fizzled in ensuring you and the sanctuary, it was only the family which got me this regard, I lost your confidence today, I realize that I have lost your trust and presently I ought to leave as the Senapati. He says I swear on Jagannath and part with my situation of the king’s leader. Paikas yell and ask him not to say this. They all ask Jagabandhu. Maharaj feels tragic. Jagabandhu cries. Fletcher comes there to ridicule them. He says you left the commander’s position, extremely miserable, I had given you the proposal previously, I can enlist the Paikas as watchmen, I give you a similar proposition. Paikas blow up. Jagabandhu stops them. Jagabandhu welcomes Maharaj Mukund, and leaves with his Paikas. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason does everybody prevent me from choosing. Maharaj says you don’t lose your trust before their uncertainty, its a men ruled society and thinking, your battle got intense, don’t choose with the end goal that your kin get against you, you can choose, yet not sit on the high position, Mohan has no experience, he can sit on the high position, yet can’t choose anything, you can in any case have your thinking at work by causing Mohan to have the privileges. Kalyani grins. Baahu gets back home and tells everything. Everybody is stunned. Baahu says sorry, I needed to tell this to you before Baxi came here. Individuals cry and ask Jagabandhu not to go. Jagabandhu gets back home and sit with tears in his eyes.

Fletcher comes to Kalyani and proposes her for marriage. She declines to him.

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