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Vidrohi 5th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Vidrohi 5th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Jagabandhu saying we will drop you to Badamba tomorrow. Maa requests that Jagabandhu and Radha come and do the puja. They proceed to do the aarti. Kalyani figures father will be stressed for me. Maa tells the Pariknama custom, four unmarried young ladies will hold the flower sheet overhead. Amba says only three young ladies are here. Radha asks Kalyani might she want to hold the flower sheet. Kalyani concurs. Jagabandhu and Radha do different customs. Kalyani grins seeing them. Pandit guides them. Maa says now Mangal saubhagya puja will occur. He lifts Radha and takes her. Gadadhar thinks its a possibility that I go to illuminate Fletcher. Tulokma says pandit is hanging tight for puja, come. Jagabandhu and Radha take the marriage adjusts by and by. They make promises. Kalyani thinks I m sure no circumstance can challenge their connection. Baahu wishes and embraces Jagabandhu. Radha asks are you fine. Kalyani says all of you made me family, I m fine, I felt great seeing you both together in every one of the ceremonies, there is a lot to gain from you. Radha says you will get a possibility soon, I absolutely need you to come here with a valid justification. Amba’s child Hari gets desserts for Radha and Kalyani. Kalyani says Mohan loves desserts, I need to return to Mohan and father soon. Maa clarifies the last custom, a spouse vows to satisfy a wife’s wish, his better half lets him know the wish in private. Jagabandhu requests that Radha request anything exceptional, he will satisfy her desire. Radha says I simply need your heart. He says its all around yours, request something different. She says reconsider, I will ask when opportunity arrives, then, at that point, you need to do it. He says guarantee. They smile.

Fletcher yells out of resentment. He says we will attack Badamba. Maharaj hears the firearm fired. Dhaka says Fletcher has assaulted us. Maharaj requests that Mohan stay safe, he is the fate of Badamba. Maharaj sends him with Dhaka. Gadadhar comes to meet Fletcher. Watchman says he went out. Fletcher kills the gatekeepers in the royal residence. Maharaj takes his sword. Fletcher takes shots at the sword. He asks where is Kalyani, who saved her from my camp.

Maharaj grins. Fletcher says fine, assuming you have stowed away her, I realize how might she return to me. He requests that watchmen track down Mohan. Dhaka asks Mohan to simply go. Maharaj battles Fletcher. Fletcher harms his injury. Maharaj tumbles down. Gatekeeper says Mohan has fled. Fletcher says your game is finished, you are captured for assaulting me. Kalyani awakens and yells to Radha. Radha and Maa come. Kalyani says I feel strained, something awful will occur, I need to arrive at Badamba immediately. Maa says quiet down, we will go toward the beginning of the day. Jagabandhu says Fletcher will effectively track down you, we need to remain alert. Maa says Gadadhar, request that the troopers stay prepared. He says alright, its our obligation that Kalyani arrives at Badamba securely, I likewise need to go along. Maa and Jagabandhu nod.

Its morning, Kalyani leaves for Badamba. She sees Jagabandhu and grins. He takes care of water to the ponies. Radha looks on and snickers. Jagabandhu says sorry for getting late, the ponies were parched. Maa says its fine, Badamba Naresh would be sitting tight for you. A man says save me, and comes there. Kalyani says he is Badamba’s fighter. The gatekeeper says britishers have assumed control over the royal residence. Jagabandhu asks what. Kalyani says I had an excuse to be stressing out, I need to go. Jagabandhu requests that Gadadhar take Radha and Maa home. He follows Kalyani. Kalyani goes to the royal residence. She sees the obliteration. She takes her sword. Jagabandhu stops her and says I can’t let you hazard your life, we don’t realize what occurred there, they can kill you, you don’t commit any error, think well assuming you need to save them, its your home, consider secret ways of entering. She nods.

Jagabandhu is with Maharaj. Maharaj says Kalyani needs a spouse, she can’t improve than you. Jagabandhu gets stunned. Kalyani cries. Maharaj requests that he acknowledge Kalyani’s alliance.

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