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Vidrohi 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Vidrohi 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Fletcher coming to Kalyani and gazing out of resentment. She takes something in her grasp. She considers Maharaj’s words. He thinks I thought to wed later, however you need to escape, marriage will happen immediately. He hauls her to the mandap. Pandit says marriage can’t be done along these lines, its not right. Fletcher compromises him. He says we will join for seven births now. Jagabandhu comes there. Radha thinks he guaranteed me that he will return soon, when will he come. Jagabandhu doesn’t see Gadadhar there. Radha says I m stressed for him, he ought to have stopped at this point. Fletcher holds Kalyani’s hand. Pandit requests that she forward her right hand. Fletcher says right hand. Kalyani blows up and advances. Radha asks that Jagabandhu gets back soon. Maa requests that she come. Kalyani takes the weapon close by. Pandit approaches them to represent pheras. He says gathbandhan is demon for marriage. Fletcher does it. Maharaj petitions God for Kalyani. She tosses the chunri. She assaults Fletcher. Jagabandhu battles the gatekeepers. Kalyani sees him. Kalyani and Fletcher have a right. Jagabandhu additionally beats Fletcher and his guards.

Kalyani consumes the whole mandap. Fletcher yells. He gets her. Jagabandhu kicks him away. He holds Kalyani’s hand. The two of them battle together. They flee. Fletcher looks on. He blacks out. Dhaka says there is no information. Jagabandhu and Kalyani stop some place. He covers her with the saree gifted by Maharani. Kalyani cries. He says all is great, come. They stow away from the watchmen. The gatekeepers go towards Badamba.

Jagabandhu says it won’t be ideal for you to go to Badamba, you can’t send any message to your father, else the britishers can know, you should accompany me. Baahu says I will take a quick trip and see Baxi. Radha says he will come, this puja will occur. They hear a horse’s sound. They go to the way to see him. They see Jagabandhu accompanying Kalyani. Gadadhar asks why is she here, she was getting hitched to Fletcher. Kalyani invites them. Radha takes her. She does the guide. Kalyani reviews Fletcher and cries. Radha embraces and control center her. Maa asks what occurred, how could you go there. Jagabandhu tells her beginning and end. Kalyani tells everything to Radha. Gadadhar thinks did he see me there, he would have not seen me. He asks how much will Fletcher fall. Kalyani says father doesn’t know whether I m protected or not, where I m, I believe I have a connection with you. Radha says OK, so we have fortified. Maa says you did well to get Kalyani here, we should attempt to deal with her, we will proceed to drop her to Badamba tomorrow.

Gadadhar thinks to illuminate Fletcher. Maa approaches him to come for puja arrangements. Radha approaches Kalyani to come for puja. Kalyani asks what is it for Radha says Jagabandhu and my connection finished 12 years. Kalyani says well done, marriage isn’t made for me. Radha says I will supplicate that your significant other loves and trusts you, as Baxi loves me. Kalyani grins. Radha requests that she take any dress and wear it. Kalyani prepares and comes. Mohan embraces her and thinks she is Radha. Radha comes and says I m here. Tulakma says its your marriage dress, right. Radha says it looks great on Kalyani. Maa says you gave your wedding dress, you ought to have given something different. Radha says I requested that she take whatever she loves, it looks great on her. Maa says your heart is huge. Kalyani says I can always remember what you did today, it involved pride for me to battle the britishers, having you with me.

Kalyani says I m happy seeing your affection. Jagabandhu and Radha go to drop Kalyani home. Kalyani takes a gander at him. Radha sees this.

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