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Vidrohi 27th October 2021

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The Episode begins with Jagabandhu and Kalyani battling the troopers. He requests that the specialist accompany him, he needs to save someone’s life. Kalyani folds hands. Specialist goes with them. The watchman goes to Fletcher and says camp got assaulted. Fletcher leaves out of resentment. Jagabandhu requests that the specialist treat Maharaj. Gadadhar asks how might we trust him, he can do anything wrong. Specialist says my obligation is to save the patient, without checking whether he is a companion or an adversary. Everybody remains outside. Specialist says Radha had treated Maharaj until I came, she made my work simple. Kalyani embraces Radha and cries.

Jagabandhu says I have cleaned the injury, however the ruler isn’t out of risk. Fletcher asks who had come. Gatekeeper says two individuals came and took Dr. Thomas with them. Fletcher says discover who were they. Maharaj gets fine. Everybody meets them. Jagabandhu thanks the specialist and says sorry to get you in that manner. Kalyani says I can’t fail to remember your approval, a debt of gratitude is in order for saving my father, and sorry. Specialist says I didn’t see anybody so courageous like your significant other. He sees Kalyani. He says I was stunned seeing your ideal coordination in the battle, you both are wonderful a couple. Gadadhar and Radha snicker. He says Kalyani is Badamba’s princess, Radha is Jagabandhu’s spouse. Specialist apologizes and leaves. Maa says we are happy that you are fine. Maharaj says Baxi didn’t call me here, I needed to meet him, our Rajya has cash and armed force, however not a Senapati like him to deal with the military. He expresses gratitude toward Radha for dealing with him as a girl. Radha asks him not to express gratitude toward her. Maharaj Mukund comes to meet Badamba Maharaj. Radha does Mukund’s aarti. Maa acquaints Kalyani with him. Mukund asks how is Maharaj. She says he got treated, however he really wants rest. He says I wish him a speedy recuperation, would i be able to meet him. He proceeds to meet Maharaj.

Maharaj welcomes Mukund and says I can’t stand up and welcome you in this state. Mukund holds his hand. Maharaj says I don’t realize how long will I live, yet you make some long memories to live, your choice to battle the britishers will interface the Odisha public. Mukund says I can’t team up with anybody subsequent to marking the agreement with the organization, I don’t need to go to the prison once more. Maharaj says you can either flee from the past injury, or gain from it. Mukund says I need to pick the way of harmony. Maharaj says this harmony is of dread, we need to carry out our responsibility. Mukund says I m not ready to clarify Baxi that I m powerless. Maharaj says the chains which don’t seem are more hazardous. Mukund leaves.

Jagabandhu says you ought to have remained here for certain days. Maharaj says I should get back to my realm now. Kalyani welcomes Maa. She embraces Radha and says our hearts got associated now, you did a ton for my father, I can always remember this. Radha says your father respected me a little girl, you respect me a sister. Kalyani expresses gratitude toward Jagabandhu. She says I admonished you, sorry, I wish that you accomplish your objectives. They leave. Jagabandhu comes to Gadadhar and finds him drinking. He says as much many individuals got killed, Badamba Naresh had chance, you didn’t keep the obligation, what was the justification for this. Gadadhar says Fletcher was offending me a lot.

Jagabandhu says Fletcher incited me, we can’t lose individuals. Gadadhar contends with him. He says I will consistently ensure my name and privileges, being the genuine beneficiary of this house. Everybody looks on. Jagabandhu says we ensure our name and regard by our deeds, you fell into Fletcher’s trap, individuals passed on. Gadadhar says they were intended to pass on, I have no lament if a greater amount of them kick the bucket to save my regard. Maa slaps him. She says this is the justification for why you didn’t become Baxi, why Jagabandhu is the Senapati. She reprimands Gadadhar. She says you need to go to the families who lost their kin and deal with them, its my order. Fletcher says I don’t imagine that they abducted you. Specialist says OK, however they were acceptable individuals, they needed me to save somebody. Fletcher asks did Badamba Naresh get saved. Specialist says he was not in a decent condition, I treated him, its my obligation. Fletcher says you fouled up to choose it yourself. He shoots the specialist. Charan gets stunned. Fletcher says message Mukund that I need to meet him.

Kalyani says we need to take choices until father gets fine, Fletcher needs a conflict. The clergyman says let us conclude, there is a lot of regard as of now, we need to get ready for the conflict in a superior manner. He calls her choices wrong. She says I assume the liability of my choices. He inquires as to whether she needs the Badamba’s improvement, its Maharaj’s wish as well.

Kalyani inquires as to for what reason does everybody prevent me from choosing. Maharaj says its a men ruled society, you can take the choices if Mohan gets the privileges and the reasoning is yours. She smiles.

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