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Udaariyaan Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

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The Episode begins with Tejo saying she is Rukmani Kohli, he wedded her 7 years back, they have a child moreover. Jass says she is her companion, I don’t know her. Rukmani slaps him and asks do you recollect now, I m your better half, your child’s mum. Tejo asks is this additionally some phony story. She requests that the assessor check the marriage endorsement and the child’s birth authentication. Controller says take him. Jass says I will return and destroy every one of you. Jasmin thinks he won’t sit calm, he is extremely mean. Tejo expresses gratitude toward Rukmani. Rukmani leaves. Tejo asks Fateh are you fine. He gestures. She expresses gratitude toward him. Jasmin comes and embraces him. She asks are you fine. Tejo leaves. Fateh stops her and asks where are you going. She says police headquarters, I need to get father delivered. He says I will likewise come. Jasmin requests that he come. He says you take the vehicle and return home, I will come later. Jasmin gets angry.

Bebe says you are a tigress, you saved us from this wreck, I wish each house gets a girl like you. Khushbeer and Gurpreet come. He says you are correct Bebe, Fateh has misled me, Inspector called me and afterward I became acquainted with it, you didn’t let me know anything, you made me an outcast today. Tejo says no. He says I have acknowledged you as my little girl by heart, relations of heart are additionally solid, I believe I lost my kids and my position. She says no, its my misstep, I ought to have told you, I didn’t wish to hurt you, you are more pixie than my family. Khushbeer says Jass’ issue is finished, his marriage doesn’t exist in law and society, so Tejo is as yet my girl, I have come to take her. He asks won’t she pay attention to his order. She says no, I will submit to it. Gurpreet embraces her. Fateh looks on. They get back home. Lights get on. Tejo sees the Welcome back Tejo standard and enrichments. Mahi, Simran and Candy shower blossoms on Tejo. Biji embraces Tejo. Tejo and Candy cut a cake. Tejo takes care of the cake to everybody. Jasmin thinks I planned to wed in 6 days, and she returned for a considerable length of time back.

At the institute, Fateh says how to individuals handle the accounting reports. Tejo comes. She makes a difference. Fateh expresses profound gratitude, I was attempting to do it since quite a while, Tejo… I don’t realize I should say sorry or much appreciated, whatever you did, both the words miss the mark, I realize you did this to fend Jass off and for family’s purpose, not really for me, I realize you did this for me, a debt of gratitude is in order for saving Jasmin and my lives. She says the issue is you don’t know me, you can never know me, we will fail to remember it and continue on, what’s the utilization to rehash those things, life means to continue on, I m liberated from Jass, that way our marriage is as yet flawless, we know the marriage doesn’t not exist and has no future, I addressed a legal counselor, he said we can record an extraordinary allure in the court to get the separation soon, I will persuade Papa ji, he needs to see my cheerful, I need to see harmony in the house. She takes a document. She says Jasmin is additionally getting ready to wed you. He says OK, she needs to wed soon. She asks and you?
She says this is conceivable when our separation occurs, we will meet the attorney tomorrow. He says its Karwachauth tomorrow. She says I have no justifiable excuse to commend it, trust me, I don’t lament. She goes. He pauses for a minute and wipes his tears.

Tejo comes to Gurpreet. She says I have prepared your suit, it looks delightful, right. Gurpreet says I will keep Karwachauth, yet my Simran, don’t know, she keeps the quick or not, where she lived in Canada, where Amanpreet went, I don’t know anything, I needed to give her Shringhaar and Sargi, yet don’t realize my fantasy will be satisfied or not. Tejo says it will be satisfied. Simran looks on. Tejo says she will save the quick for the one with whom she has a connection of heart. Gurpreet reviews Simran’s words. She embraces Tejo.

Rupy tosses the dress. He asks what Karwachauth, what sargi, for whom will Tejo keep the quick. Satti says Tejo is suhaagan. He says Fateh just gave her distress. They contend. He says Tejo needs to get separated soon. She asks and Jasmin. He expresses shouldn’t something be said about her, one needs to keep relations to do the rasams, since the visa consuming matter came out, I m not certain on the off chance that she really cherishes Fateh, she broke Tejo’s heart, we broke all relations with her, she is dead for us.

Its morning, Nimmo jokes on Fateh. She says he has two young ladies, yet none of them saved a quick for him. Biji requests that she eat sargi and keep her mouth shut. Jasmin quits eating the apple and tosses it. She says I have saved a quick for Fateh. Nimmo asks who are you to keep the quick, just Tejo has the right. Tejo comes. Fateh looks on. Tejo says right isn’t expected to keep this quick, two hearts should join, on the off chance that they love one another, she can keep the quick, I won’t keep it, Karwachauth is a quick saved for genuine relation,I don’t need to affront it for misrepresentation. Biji says you are a suhaagan. Tejo says only for certain days, then, at that point, Fateh and I won’t have any connection, we are going to the court tomorrow to affix the separation interaction. She sees Fateh there. Jasmin turns and sees him. Fateh goes. Jasmin stops him and embraces. She says you know, Tejo didn’t save any quick for you. He says I heard it. She says the individuals what hearts’ identity is associated can keep the quick, I have saved a quick for you, you will likewise keep, right. He expresses what are you saying, I can’t keep any quick, you know I can’t bear hunger, you additionally don’t keep it. She says young ladies have many wishes, I envisioned to keep a quick alongside you and afterward we will break our quick together. He says fine, I will keep it. She embraces him and says you need to give me a decent gift, sorry, I got it as of now, I heard Tejo saying you will show up in court for separate, much obliged, I m extremely cheerful. She embraces him.

Tejo vomits. Simran asks are you fine, I will call the specialist. Tejo says I addressed the specialist, he said stomach is vexed, belly needs rest, no food, I will be on fluid eating routine, we will advertise now. Biji says Lord gave a reason to Tejo, I needed all her the quick, I m extremely glad. Gurpreet grins. She asks Fateh are you fine. He says OK, I kept Karwachauth quick. She asks did you go distraught, did your father save a quick for me, who told you. Tejo looks on. He says nobody. Simran says we are going to the market. Tejo, Simran and Mahi leave. Gurpreet says I realize you saved it for Jasmin, doesn’t she realize that you can’t bear hunger. He says its fine. She asks where is she. He says she is in visitor room, she said she needs to plan something. Mahi stops. Tejo and Simran ask what occurred. They see Jasmin eating panipuri. Jasmin converses with Sweety. She says I have kept a half day quick, Tejo didn’t keep any quick. Mahi says Fateh saved a quick for her, she is eating golgappa here, she is a liar, this time we ought to have a proof. She records a video of Jasmin.

Precap: Fateh and Tejo catch one another. Tejo drops Karva Chauth channi/strainer and other stuff. The two of them curve to get the stuff. Fateh gets the channi and holds up. Tejo inadvertently contacts his feet while getting other stuff. At the point when Tejo stands up, Fateh checks out Tejo from channi.

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