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Udaariyaan 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

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The Episode begins with Tejo getting a call. She asks what, I will come now. Gurpreet asks is Fateh fine. Tejo says it was a call from institute, an understudy got injured, call me when Fateh comes. She goes. Khushbeer says your little girl is a precious stone, I trust Fateh knows this, possibly that’s why he didn’t come. Angad expresses what an incredible luck. He sends the person to the clinic. Tejo asks what befallen him. He says he tumbled down and had a lower leg curve, so I sent him to the emergency clinic. She expresses profound gratitude, how could you come. He jokes. He says I needed to see the rec center, we should go global. She says Lord sent you here on the perfect opportunity. He says you comprehend me well. She says I will go, I have devil work. He says good luck, you are going for a devil work, the consequence of the work will be awesome. Fateh is at some bar, drunk.

Tejo asks how might you say this, you don’t know what’s the work. He says we don’t realize what occurs straightaway. Fateh reviews Jasmin and Tejo’s words. Tejo says its not devil that it happens what we need. Angad says precisely, individual is correct who makes the undesirable his impractical. He gives an illustration of ruined milk transformed into paneer. He requests that she go. Jasmin comes to Fateh. She wipes his tear. He asks the number of untruths did you tell me. Angad says go, good luck. Tejo goes. He says I realize its your separation date, the very best. Jasmin says allow me an opportunity to clarify. Fateh tosses the glass. He says fine, I allow you an opportunity, tell me. Legal counselor says its enough, on the off chance that Fateh doesn’t come in 15 mins, the appointed authority will go. Tejo comes and says sorry, would we be able to get tomorrow’s date. Attorney says sorry, its impractical, next date is following fourteen days. Jasmin cries and says trust me. Fateh says you lied that you consumed the visa. She says I love you, I lied on account of my apprehension about losing you, I m downright terrible, everybody is correct, I feel you shouldn’t stay with a childish young lady like me, I don’t merit your affection, excuse me, its my guarantee, you and your family won’t endure any affront as a result of me. Tejo calls him. Jasmin says its fine in the event that I have heard heaps of affront as a result of you, it doesn’t matter in the event that I have a fantasy to live and kick the bucket with you, you are so devil for me, that nobody exists for me, however you never adored me. He says I love you, yet I didn’t lie to you, what’s that affection which has no trust, you bamboozled me. She says you wedded my sister before me, why didn’t you reject, always remember that Tejo went out that day and my fantasies passed on, I actually love you, I did that to demonstrate it. He says you ought to have consumed your identification, for what reason did you consume your dad’s visa. Khushbeer says I wish Fateh doesn’t come. Gurpreet says we will return home, I think he adjusted his perspective. Jasmin brings Fateh. She says no compelling reason to go anyplace, I got Fateh, we came to on the ideal opportunity. Fateh and Tejo sit before the appointed authority. Judge requests that they reconsider, when they sign the papers, their connection will be finished. Fateh says I have mulled over everything, I need this separation. Tejo reviews her marriage. Fateh signs the papers. Rupy, Satti and others cry. Kal ho na ho….plays… Tejo additionally signs. Jasmin grins. The appointed authority says the separation is finished. Tejo cries and embraces Satti. Fateh additionally gets dismal and leaves.

At Virk house, Jasmin asks don’t you need to know for what valid reason Fateh didn’t pay attention to me and paid attention to me, I will tell you. Tejo says tell me, you don’t have anything than lies. Jasmin says you tested me, I have offered you a response. FB shows Jasmin deceiving Fateh that Gippy had her visa, she had no an ideal opportunity to win him. Fateh asks what are you saying, I didn’t know. Jasmin says I didn’t wish to lose you, I needed to demonstrate that I love you more than my life. Fateh says I likewise love you, you know it well, you are my shortcoming. She says its something to be thankful for. He says no, I need you to turn into my solidarity, guarantee me, you will end up being my solidarity, guarantee you won’t lie to me once more. She says never, I guarantee. They embrace. She grins. FB ends.

Jasmin says you attempted to make Fateh away from me, I demonstrated him my adoration and will rehash this. Tejo says then its not love, yet a figment, it can move away whenever. Jasmin says please don’t discuss figment, recall a certain something, Fateh doesn’t love you, he has acknowledged it, presently Fateh and I will wed and go to Canada. Tejo says Fateh is daring, he knows it all and consented to wed you, his terrible time didn’t end, so he accepted your untruth by and by. They contend. Jasmin says I will send you my wedding card, on the off chance that you have some self esteem, don’t come in the marriage, you will come in the event that you go from here, you need to remain here, its fine, I will endure you, my heart is huge, you stay for not many days, I have no danger. Tejo says this house isn’t mine, you and Fateh bamboozled me, you grabbed my freedoms, from that point forward everything got grabbed from me. Gurpreet says Tejo joined me with Simran, Tejo moved away from us. Amrik says her connection is as yet unchanged with us. Tejo takes her pack. She leaves. Jasmin grins. Rupy gets back home. Khushbeer asks is everything fine. Tejo says Papa has come to take me. Khushbeer says you won’t go anyplace, you will remain here with me. Tejo says I have no real excuse to remain here, please don’t stop me this time.

Jasmin moves in a young ladies lone rangeress party at home. Everybody looks on. Fateh says I m not cheerful. Khushbeer says guarantee me Tejo, you will get hitched before Fateh weds Jasmin, else I won’t let them get married.

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