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Udaariyaan 27th October 2021

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The Episode begins with Jasmin saying I need to watch out for Fateh, where he goes, whom he meets, where did he go as of now, he isn’t here. She calls Fateh. She says don’t realize where did he go. She gets stunned seeing a pic. She sees Fateh at gunpoint. She calls Jass. She reproves him for grabbing Fateh. He says I m not playing a game, Fateh was playing a game with me, you encouraged me to flee, I didn’t neglect, I m planning to flee by taking cash, simply get 75 lakhs assuming you need to save him. She asks how might I get it. He says from a similar spot you planned to get it. She says I will do anything once I wed Fateh, when Tejo is out of my life. He says you are a major moron, you think this will occur, I will consider Tejo and come clean with her, she is the one in particular who will successfully save Fateh. She says no, give me some time, don’t do anything to my Fateh. He says fine, get the cash and take your Fateh. She closes call. She stresses and says how might I get the cash, Jass is hazardous, if he does anything to my Fateh. Khushbeer comes and asks what occurred, whom were you conversing with, is Tejo fine, I heard you taking Jass’ name. She says OK, I was conversing with Tejo and inquired as to whether Jass is alarming her, she said all is well, I will go now, I have a lot of work at the academy.

Fateh awakens. He is as yet anchored. Jasmin really looks at the documents. She says accounts are in Tejo’s hands, I can’t get cash, how might I save Fateh. She gets Jass’ call. He says you have 5 hours, on the off chance that you don’t mastermind cash, come and take Fateh’s dead body, go to Tejo, discover what were they arranging against me, what proof they have. She inquires as to for what reason will she tell me. He asks will I tell this, are you going or will I call Tejo. Jasmin says no, I m going. She gets back home and breaks the lock at the door. Satti, Lovely and Bebe remain with the sticks. Jasmin asks them what’s happening with they. Satti inquires as to for what reason did you break the lock. Jasmin asks who locked the door, where is father, Taya ji and Abhiraj, I need to meet Tejo. Satti says stop, let us be, you previously told her much awful things. Jasmin says I need to converse with her. Tejo comes. Jasmin says I need to tell about Fateh. Tejo sees the pic. She says I realized something is off-base, so Jass didn’t return home around evening time. Jasmin asks what, does he stay here. Tejo says OK, he abducted Fateh, how could he realize that Fateh got a proof against him, did he leave a few men after us. Jasmin says it doesn’t matter, he needs 75 lakhs, if it’s not too much trouble, save Fateh. Tejo asks yet for what valid reason did he send you, why didn’t he call Papa ji. Jasmin says perhaps he got my number from Fateh’s telephone and called me, I didn’t tell this to uncle ji, you choose, you need to tell him or not. Tejo says no, he doesn’t have any cash, he will be strained, I know what Fateh got against Jass, I was hanging tight for affirmation, I will finish that work. Jasmin asks what is it. Tejo says he told me that… you simply return home and stay quiet, don’t tell this to anybody. Jasmin thinks before Tejo accomplishes something, I need to save Fateh, else Jass will enlighten them concerning me. She goes. Tejo asks. Fateh attempts to break the chains. Jasmin fakes Tejo’s sign on the check. She says you didn’t leave any opportunity for me, Tejo. She calls Jass and requests address. She says I m accompanying the cash, nothing ought to happen to Fateh. She says this time, I won’t let Tejo become a courageous woman. Tejo is coming. She asks are you certain, this is the location, okay.

Jass comes to Jasmin and grins. He asks where is the cash sack. Jasmin says I got you in the game to help me, not to make the difficulties. He says you aren’t faithful to your own sister, how might you be faithful to me, whatever occurred with me is correct. She gives the check and says leave my Fateh. Fateh breaks the chains. Jass says don’t make me distraught, I m currently frantic, where is the money. She says nobody has a lot of money at home. He says call Tejo, she will accompany the cash and get Fateh liberated. She inquires as to why. He yells call her. She says OK. He says pause, I have her telephone, she called Fateh yesterday, compose the number. She calls. Tejo replies. Jass says your sister would have told you, get 75 lakhs at this location, don’t act savvy like her, else you won’t get Fateh alive. She asks how is Jasmin there with you. He says don’t ask me, come here, assuming you include the police, you will get Fateh and Jasmin’s dead bodies. She says fine, I will get the cash, none can hurt them. He says it relies upon when you come and free them. Fateh searches for something. He sees a blade.

Jass says I m distraught, I ought to have called Tejo previously, I m thinking what to do of you and Fateh. Fateh eliminates the metal sleeves. Jasmin yells for help. Jass yells Fateh… where did you go. Fateh tosses some case at him. Jass focuses firearm at him and compromises. Fateh says you have animosity with me, leave Jasmin. Jass asks do you know her world. Fateh asks what do you mean. Jasmin says don’t trust him, he is a fake, he is woofing. Jass says truly, I will let him know what you said. He says you were thinking how I became more acquainted with you have proof against me, who told me, it was…. Jasmin pushes him and makes him drop the firearm. Fateh beats him. They battle. Jasmin searches for the weapon. Jass tumbles down. He gets the weapon in his grasp. He gets up and focuses the weapon at him. Jasmin takes cover behind some barrel. Jass says you will kick the bucket now, alongside your darling. Police comes there. Jass gets stunned and says you called the police. He drops the weapon and says Inspector get him, he had beaten me a ton, Tejo is my better half, Fateh is her beau. Tejo slaps him and asks am I your significant other. Jass says OK. She asks then who is she. A woman comes. Fateh grins. Jass gets shocked.

Precap: Fateh lets Tejo know that tomorrow is Karva Chauth and she… She hinders and says there is not any justification to keep quick this time. At home, Jasmin lets the family know that she has saved quick for Fateh. Fateh has likewise kept quick. Afterward, Tejo, Simran see Jasmin eating gol gappa and saying to somebody on telephone that she kept half day quick. It’s not necessary to save quick for entire day.

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