Tringle Corner Sink Filter or Drainer Basket For Vegetables and Fruit

Do you frequently come across food particles obstructing the drainage system, such as remnants of fish scales, fish bones, tea leftovers, and other leftovers? Trust in the effectiveness of the versatile suspended water filter rack, as it aids in eliminating excess water and preventing sewer blockages.

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Unusual design: The triangular swan-shaped design fully utilizes the space in the sink’s corner while taking up none of the extra space within. Lively and adorable appearance, extremely cute, rapid pore discharge, not easily clogged.

Good stability: Most water tanks can be filtered using the water tank’s long hook. To improve stability, use a triangle-shaped framework. Don’t stress over slipping, sagging, or loosening. Let yourself feel secure using. Swan Sink Strainer’s triangular design fits most sinks, and its long hook increases stability. Don’t stress over slipping, sagging, or loosening. let you feel secure while using, allowing you to enjoy yourself while cooking.

Sink filter basket with multiple uses: The drain basket can be used in the sink to filter residues and wash fruits, among other things. The drain basket is highly useful and makes it easy to maintain a clean, organized sink countertop. In addition to filtering and cleaning fruits and vegetables, the kitchen sink waste filter basket may store cooking tools, clearing up any clutter in the sink and making it simple to keep the table clean. The drain basket can be put in the sink to wash fruits, filter residues, etc.

Not all sinks may use this drain basket; the diameter at the bottom of the faucet needs to be less than 2.52 inches (6.4 cm). If it is larger, the swan drain basket cannot be used. Less than 4.09 Inches (10.4 cm) must separate the outer edge of the faucet from the edge of the sink. If so, using it in the swan drainage basket is not recommended.

Material that is safe and reliable: The swan drain basket is composed of high-quality PP material, ensuring that you and your family can use it with more confidence while remaining safe and healthy.

Simple to use: Use the drain basket in the sink to clean fruits, filter sundries, etc. The drain basket is adaptable and simple to disassemble; you may decide when and where to replace the triangular sink drain rack. It also won’t crack from prolonged soaking.

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