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Top Characters of Kuroko No Basuke that Fans Love the Most

Anime usually focus on genres such as romance, action, drama but there are very few anime series that focus on sports. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ is one of those series which revolves around a sport, basketball. All the main characters in the series are basketball players who are trying to be the best basketball player. The series gained popularity because of the amazing screenplay and the character arcs. After watching the anime you may not be able to decide who is the best player as several factors need to be considered such as skills, special abilities, experience and others. In this article, we are going to make a list of the most loved characters in Kuroko No Basuke.

Kuroko No Basuke

  • Seijuro Akashi

With the perfect rhythmic movements on the court, Seijuro can transfer the ball perfectly to team players. Along with that he also possesses an emperor eye which helps him to anticipate every move that the opponent is about to make.

  • Ryota Kise

Ryota has the extraordinary ability to imitate an opponent player’s move. He can throw, move and duck in the basketball court just the way he wants by copying the opponents’ playing style.

  • Taiga Kagami

Taiga is probably the most versatile player in the series. He can show his skills in both attack and defence. He can modify his strategies according to the situation of the game. Taiga is often seen practising with Alexandra.

  • Shintaro Midorima

Shintaro Midorima is a three-point specialist and his school, Shutoku High School, depends on him to score whenever they are in danger of losing the game. He can score three-pointers from anywhere on the basketball court. Shintaro also has a trick shot known as Sky Direct 3 point. To attempt this 3 pointer he jumps up to a certain height without the basketball and then he receives it from another player. He finally dunks the ball in the basket.

  • Shogo Haizaki

Shogo plays for the Fukuda Sogo school as a small forward. He has a unique talent as he can anticipate the moves of the opponent. Haizaki may have an evil look on his face but never plays foul. 


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