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Top 5 Anime Characters Born in the Month of February

In the field of astrology, it is considered that people who are born in February are smart, kind, and have an independent mentality.

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You might be lucky to be born on the same date on which your favourite anime characters might have been born. Now without any further delay let’s talk about some of the most popular anime characters who were born in February.

  • Jotaro Kujo

Birthday: 1st February

Jotaro first appears in the 3rd installment of the anime series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. His sun sign is Aquarius. He has only one goal in his mind and that is to defeat the vampires by using a weapon named Star Platinum. From part 3 to part 6 of this series, he had always tried to save his mother.


  • Rem

Birthday: 2nd February

Rem is one of the supporting characters of the anime series called ‘Re: Zero’. She along with her sister, Ram work for Roswaal L Mathers. Her sun sign is also Aquarius just like most of the characters born in the month of February. She has amnesia and often forgets about things. 


  • Rin Tohsaka

Birthday: 3rd February

Rin whose sun sign is Aquarius is the central figure of the anime series ‘Fate/Stay Night). She is a part of the Fifth Holy Grail and works as Master of Archer there. 

She hides his identity by presenting herself as a student in an eminent school.


  • Haruhi Fujioka 

Birthday: 4th February

The female protagonist of the anime series ‘Ouran High School’ comes from a middle class background. Haruhi, who is also an Aquarian, has been hired to work as a host in Music Room 3. 


  • Zeldris 

Birthday: 5th February

Zeldris is one of the ten commanders who works for the Demon KIng in the anime series ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. He is also the youngest child of the Demon King himself. 

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