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Top 3 Action Anime to Watch on This Year’s Valentine’s Day

February is often referred to as the ‘Month of Love’ as lovebirds celebrate valentine’s day in this month. Every year you might celebrate this special day with the love of your life by going on a romantic candlelight dinner or by planning a movie night. Due to the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus you might need to change your plans a little bit. If you and your partner both love anime then you can watch some of the best action anime movies at home. Among all the anime genres, action anime is considered the most relatable one. So, read on and find which one to watch on this year’s valentine’s day. 

Action Anime

1.Mirai Nikki

‘Everything is fair in love and war’ and this is the message that you will get while watching this anime. This anime is based on the journey of a couple named Yuki and Yuno both find each other as the source of their happiness. One of the most important factors in a relationship is acceptance and this anime depicts the accepting nature of both the characters beautifully.

2.Dragon Ball Series

Goku is the central character of the Dragon Ball series. He always tries to get stronger as his sole goal in life is to fight the earth invaders. Goku teaches us that we should never stop in our way of achieving our dreams and along with that also family values. 

3.Romeo x Juliet

This action-packed anime is a conglomeration of classic English literature and anime. Romance and action are equivalently present. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic drama ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The story has been twisted a little to fit the narrative that is used in action anime. You and your partner will enjoy all the twists and turns in the storyline from the beginning when the principal characters meet to the end where both of them make a desperate move. 


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