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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with the young lady requesting that Anurag compose something on the card, similar to she has composed. He says I don’t realize what to compose. The young lady composes something on the chit and adheres to the inflatable. Anurag says don’t send this. Kajol finds heart on the note and checks out the young ladies. She considers why is she here alone.

Arjun and Shreya embrace one another. She punctures her nail in his back. He says it is tormenting. Shreya says you are messing around with me and hurt me. She says it was your plan to get hitched to Naina, they were against you. Naina comes to Kajol and says Arjun probably sent inflatables for her. Kajol says it is for me. Naina says who will send you and says she will say thanks to Arjun. She goes holding the inflatables. Kajol searches for the girl.

Arjun lets Shreya know that he was the brains and requests that she go from here, else Ayaan will get an opportunity to point finger on her. Naina calls him. Shreya takes his telephone. Ayaan is coming there. Naina thinks why Arjun isn’t picking the call. Ayaan comes there and finds Arjun picking his telephone from the floor. Arjun says Bhaiyya, you are here. He says you would have called me. Ayaan asks what was the deal? Arjun says telephone slipped and got broken. Ayaan inquires as to whether Shreya came here? Arjun says why bhabhi will come here. Ayaan attempts to check for Shreya. Shreya is stowing away. Arjun imagines as though he got injured. Ayaan searches for her. Shreya quietly goes out. Ayaan goes out and thinks where is Shreya? He sees Shreya climbing the stairs.

Anurag asks Sharmila what did she made? He tastes paneer. Sharmila says I was thinking to welcome Kajol’s family and asks what is his idea? She says Kajol was glad discussing puja and asks will we call them? Anurag chomps stew in Kajol’s musings and afterward requests water and squeeze. He asks what did you say? He says Kajol’s family is erratic, uncommonly her mom. Sharmila says even her mom lost her better half. Anurag says you can see Kajol’s torment, however the relatives don’t see her endeavors and disregards her aggravation. Priyanka comes there and says a relatives comprehend their youngsters well. Sharmila requests that she have food. Priyanka says she came to test Anurag and requests that he take buffet supper. Sharmila says supper is prepared, you can have buffet another day. Anurag requests that Sharmila pack tiffin for Priyanka. Priyanka says she needs to have food with her companion. Anurag says you knows well, that I don’t have food after 7 pm. He says he will prepare and will leave for clinic. Priyanka thinks she has been hanging tight for him since school days, yet he is getting leaned towards Kajol. She thinks very soon you will begin contemplating me.

Next day, Anurag comes to Kajol’s house and sees her drying her hairs. He takes a gander at her. Kajol takes a gander at him and thinks if something turns out badly. He waves his hand at her. Sharmila comes there, holding the greeting card and requests that Anurag accompany her. Pishimaa requests that they sit a calls Kajol. Kajol welcomes Sharmila. Sharmila says we have come to welcome you for Durga Puja. Pishimaa requests that they sit and calls Chandana. Arjun comes there with Naina. He asks Sharmila why is she here? Sharmila says I will ask you. Your marriage is canceled. Naina says with just Kajol. She says she is Arjun’s fiancé as well and insults Anurag asking what is happening, when he has no connection with Kajol. Pishimaa requests that she think prior to saying anything. Arjun thinks Naina is rendering retribution for his affront. Sharmila requests her name and says there is something many refer to as humankind. She says Anurag and Kajol have helped one another, and all relations are not cash made and childish. She says everybody won’t get this, and says with whoever Kajol will have heart connection, that fellow and his family will be extremely fortunate. Pishimaa says you said right and acclaims Kajol. She requests that Kajol bring tea and breakfast. Kajol goes. Chandana comes there and sees Anurag and Sharmila there. She sits. Sharmila tells that they have kept Durga puja at NGO and welcomes Chandana and her family. Chandana expresses gratitude toward her and says we can’t come, as Kajol’s father passed on couple of days prior, and Naina and Arjun’s marriage is fixed a day after puja. Sharmila says in the event that Kajol can come, children will be cheerful and even Kajol. Chandana says Kajol was near her baba and I feel that even she don’t need to go to the puja, she misses her baba definitely. She says lets see, in the event that Durga Maa calls, she will come. Arjun says it is wonder, that you didn’t welcome your family and family members. Sharmila says Abhishek Dada has as of now welcomed your baba. She asks Anurag, gives up. Kajol returns. Pishimaa requests that Sharmila have tea. Sharmila rejects and goes. She tells Anurag that Kajol’s mother is more abnormal. Anurag says I had told you previously and says this is called twofold guidelines. They can get Arjun wed Naina, yet can’t come for puja. Kajol comes out and gives his telephone. He inquires as to whether she will come for puja and asks her not to fail to remember that she was her mother’s most loved understudy, and even children like her. He says I think about the issues at your home and requests that she do as she feels right. Sharmila says on the off chance that you come, the children and we as a whole will feel better. Anurag sits in the vehicle with Sharmila. Kajol waves her hand marking bye. Anurag leaves with Sharmila. Kajol thinks at whatever point I was in any disarray, you used to help me in taking the ideal choice, and wishes if he would be with her.

Precap: During the puja, Anurag is hypnotized by checking out Kajol. Sharmila says just 10 minutes are left and Durga Maa isn’t finished at this point. Kajol says she will do that. While doing that, she shudders. Anurag helps her, holding her hand.

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