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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani Episode Written Update 26th October 2021 – Naina And Arjun’s Marriage Date Is Fixed

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kajol requesting that Anurag stop the vehicle. He says your home is a long way from here, and asks will you stroll there alone. Kajol says OK, after the paper news, on the off chance that anybody sees you with me, will get the opportunity to talk about us. Anurag says alright I will drop you till the path, and says see you tomorrow. Kajol says Dr. Anurag, I am abnormal about the puja, and says it is in NGO, however, I am not your relative. He asks what you need to say? Kajol says I don’t need to disturb anybody, Dr. Priyanka. She says I think she didn’t feel better and says assuming she needs then she can help in puja. Anurag chuckles and says I know her, she doesn’t think about it. Kajol says in case you are certain and inquires as to whether he feels it is abnormal for her to go there. Anurag asks what would you like to say?

Chandana expresses what do you need me to go, then, at that point, I will go there alone, so they believe that Naina has lost her family too alongside her baba. Naina says all of you are fractional and goes out. Kajol says I unequivocally feel that Dr. Priyanka is upset to see me doing courses of action and says I don’t need any issue to occur in your relationship with her. Anurag expresses what relationship and tells that they are simply companions. Kajol says I feel that she doesn’t like my inclusion. Anurag says I need to tell you plainly and says Durga Puja was my mother’s most loved celebration and Pishimaa needs to make it exceptional. He says assuming you need to help her, then, at that point, do it as you feel. She says you need to commend it for your mom and I need to do it for my dad. She says I will come toward the beginning of the day to meet your Pishimaa. He says thanks to her and is strolling towards his vehicle. Kajol likewise strolls towards her home. Her dupatta stalls out in the streetlamp column. He draws close to her and liberates her dupatta.

She takes a gander at him. He liberates her dupatta and strolls towards his vehicle. Kajol takes a gander at him and grins. He additionally takes a gander at her and waves his hand. Kajol turns and don’t check out him once more. Anurag sits in his vehicle. Pishimaa says the house can’t be keep empty on puja day, and says Lekha and Shyam will go with you, and I will remain with kids at home. Kajol thinks to enlighten everybody regarding helping Anurag’s pishimaa in NGO puja work. Chandana says you are disturbed with regards to Arjun and Naina’s marriage and that’s why rationalizing. Kajol returns home. Chandana sees her and says this union will occur, and tells Pishimaa it will be acceptable in the event that you favor them. She says I will end your concern and says Kajol will remain at home tomorrow and we will go at 1:30 pm. Kajol attempts to converse with her, yet Chandana goes from that point. Pishimaa comes to Kajol and feels awful. Naina grins seeing Kajol. Kajol calls Rajesh and lets him know that she can’t come to office tomorrow, however will do all coordination with customers on telephone. She thinks to go to Anurag’s home toward the beginning of the day, and will purchase puja stuff alongside Sharmila Pishimaa, and will get back by 1 am. She converses with Vishu’s pic and says I attempted to save Naina, presently I simply implore that God will give some knowledge to her, so she can see his reality. Following day, Naina requests that her kin prepare well. Kajol is going to go. Naina thinks Maa needed her to remain at home. Kajol thinks to converse with Chandana, yet all at once Chandana gets a call from Arundita. She says we will leave quickly and will reach there by 11 am. Kajol asks when all of you will return, as I have significant work. She says I thought to complete my work. Chandana requests that she stay at home and says I don’t know when we will return. She inquires as to whether anything is significant than your sister’s marriage. Sharmila tells Anurag that Kajol will come and do the plans. Anurag says I was thinking to drop you both. Sharmila says don’t inconvenience yourself, we need to go to two-three spots. He says I will take you for shopping as well. Sharmila inquires as to whether he is fine. Anurag asks her not to overstate the issue and says assuming you don’t need, I won’t come. Sharmila concurs. Anurag figures Kajol will get some harmony because of Devimaa.

Chandana and her family are at Arjun’s house. Pandit ji tells the mahurat, on 25th oct and fifteenth Nov. Arundita says one is after Diwali and other is after Durga Puja. Arjun asks we will keep the marriage after Durga Puja. Arundita says let seniors choose. Chandana asks Pishimaa. Pishimaa says we wanted time for courses of action, however as you say. Shyam says Didi is correct. Kaushik says we will keep the marriage basic and don’t have any interest. Pishimaa says you had told this last time as well, yet. Chandana stops her and says the marriage date will be fixed after Durga Puja. Arundita makes Naina wear gold bangles and says your little girl is our own at this point. Arjun thinks he is strolling towards Kajol in her annihilation. Arundita well done Naina and Arjun. Naina and Arjun make each other have desserts. Shreya comes there and sees Naina and Arjun clasping hands. She calls Arjun. Tai ji says Shreya bahu. Arjun leaves Naina’s hand seeing Shreya.

Kajol thinks how to decline Anurag, even NGO children may be hanging tight for me. She thinks to illuminate Sharmila and figures she will get me. Anurag is staying there, yet doesn’t see the call. Kajol thinks to message Anurag, and figures he will blow up perusing the message.

Shreya asks what’s going on here, and why are they here? Arundita says badi bahu. Shreya says as much you was occupied in this and that’s why concealing this thing from me. He says Kajol has offended all of you, and you are getting hitched to her sister now. Ayaan inquires as to whether Kajol gave her assent. Arjun says why Kajol’s assent is required, Naina and I like one another. Shreya says first Kajol and presently Naina, it is simple for you to change your love.

Sharmila lets Anurag know that they will purchase a saree for Kajol as well. He says pink shading will suit her well. He then, at that point, says it is fitting you. Sharmila says we will pick her from the way. Anurag says we will hang tight for her to come.

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