The Lord of the Rings Secrets That Wrecked Everything

While the Lord of the Rings is primarily about battle and magic, secrecy is a major theme in the fantasy trilogy. Middle-earth was ruined by some secrets.

When thinking about The Lord of the Rings, the vast majority consider swords, enchantment, and amazing clashes. They are less inclined to consider surveillance. However, that is basically the very thing the experience of the set of three is: it’s a secretive mission against a strong foe. In that capacity, the progress of the mission relies vigorously upon mystery. The characters need to ensure Sauron and his followers don’t sort out the motivation behind Frodo’s mission or where he is.

However, the journey wasn’t the main mystery in Lord of the Rings. Center Earth is brimming with mysteries. While certain privileged insights are innocuous, some are vital. A few privileged insights, then again, appear to destroy everything. From terrible plans to stowed away repulsions, obliviousness isn’t dependably bliss.

The Lord of the Rings Secrets That Wrecked Everything

While the Lord of the Rings is basically about fight and sorcery, mystery is a significant subject in the dream set of three. Center earth was destroyed by some secrets.

  • Aragorn Had Commandeered The Black Fleet
  • Frodo Wasn’t A Prisoner In Mordor Anymore
  • Saruman Had Control Of The Shire The Whole Time
  • Bilbo Had The One Ring For Years
  • Saruman Was A Traitor
  • There Was A Balrog Loose In Moria
  • Wormtongue Was Working For Saruman
  • Boromir’s Family Didn’t Know How He Died
  • Gollum Led The Hobbits To Shelob’s Lair
  • Lord Denethor Had Been Staring In The Palantir For Too Long

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