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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri Written Update Episode 16th October 2021 – Mahi Faints

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Mahi is going to drink it however she goes to tidy up Jogi’s room. Jogi gets back home. Avnit says Jogi regardless of the amount you and Mahi battle, you care for her right. You’re taking this juice for her right? He says no I was having ti for myself. Come we should sitt. Avnit says we should click some photographs for your web-based media. Your fans need to see you consistently. She takes his photographs with their banner. Avnit says how about we post these. Mahi drinks the coconut water. She fulls choked. Mahi says I feel feeble presumably. Mahi drinks rest of it. Avnit takes selfies with Jogi. Mahi fains. Avnit takes selfies with Jogi. He puts hand on her shoulder. Avnit grins. Mahi can’t relax. She attempts to leave the room.

Mahi attempts to pick her telephone. She calls Jogi. Avnit sees his telephone ringing. Jogi cuts it. Avnit says I made your most loved kheer. Allow me to cause you to eat it. she asks how is it? He says as much good. Avnit makes him eat. Mahi continues to call Jogi however he doesn’t pick. Avnit says how about we play. I will win today too. Jogi says how about we start. They go out to play youth games. Jogi appreciates with Avnit. Mahi continues to call him however he doesn’t pick. Avnit says you lost. I told you. You generally lose. He says OK you generally win. Avnit says OK I generally dominate all the matches. Regardless of who plays against me.

Mahi attempts to emerge from the room however she can’t. She falls on the floor. Avnit says we should begin another game. She wins once more. Jogi says how about we play once more. Rupa and Biji come. Jogi says came abck quick? Rupa says wasn’t feeling good. Jogi says would you say you are alright? She says OK inclination tired. Jogi says go in, let me make you lassi. You don’t deal with yourself.

Scene 2

Avnit says Rupa aunt I dealt with the candle very well the entire day. Jogi gives them lassi. He says deal with yourself. Try not to go out in sun. Biji says where’s Mahi? Avnit says she should be in her room, resting. Rupa says Mahi’s three missed calls? Allow me to call her. Avnit says she was requesting that what cook in supper? Be that as it may, she cooked. Jogi says would you say you are OK bebe? Biji says I trust Mahi ate something. Avnit says poor Mahi, she’s swooned in the room and everybody is appreciating lassi here.

Biji goes to the room and sees Mahi swooned.. She shouts Mahi.. Is it true that you are alright? Get up. Open your eyes. She shouts Jogi.. Rupa.. Jogi and Rupa come higher up. Jogi is stunned. Avnit says Mahi.. Is it true that you are alright? Jogi says Mahi. Open your eyes. Get up. Biji says give me water. Avnit gives her water. Jogi says Mahi.. They put water all over. Jogi says Mahi open your eyes. Rupa says lay her on the bed. Jogi picks her and takes her to the bed. Jogi says would you say you are OK Mahi? Biji asys how could you swoon? Mahi says I don’t have the foggiest idea. I felt frail and swooned. I don’t have a clue how. She says for what reason didn’t you call anybody? Mahi says I called bebe. Rupa says you called two hours prior. For what reason didn’t you call Jogi? Jogi saw her calls. Mahi says I called Jogi yet he didn’t pick. Biji says Jogi for what reason didn’t you pick her telephone? Jogi says I was.. Mahi.. Biji slaps him. Everybody is stunned.

Scene closes

Precap-Mahi serves food. Jogi leaves it. Mahi says I didn’t make it bebe did. Jogi says I am not a nitwit that I will not realize who cooked it. Avnit says uneven love is excessively solid such that Jogi may be mine.

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