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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th October 2021

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jogi says you can capture her. Mahi expresses what are you saying? He says I saw Avnit’s a really guilty conscience. you have crossed all cutoff points in your indignation. You attempted to kill her. Mahi says no Jogi. Jogi says do you by any chance get it? You have an overwhelming guilty conscience. Avnit comes there. Jogi says cautious please.. Avnit says Mahi didn’t do it purposefully. Jogi says she’s as yet attempting to save you. Mahi says she’s doing dramatization. She has dazed you with her untruths. Jogi says enough Mahi. I figured you probably acknowledged at this point. your resentment and envy caused you to blame her for Seema and Renu’s murder. I requested that police explore for you. Furthermore, presently the fact of the matter is before everybody. Mahi says don’t you trust me? He says I trust the resentment and disdain I found in your eyes. I have trust in your desirous and the awful guilty conscience. I saw it myself. Mahi says if all that eyes see were truth, there would be nothing of the sort as misconception. However, I didn’t wound her. She cut herself. Jogi says would you say you are insane? For what reason would she? Mahi says as much you stay on her side. Do you truly figure I can do that? He says OK you can. we as a whole expertise much you love your family. Nothing is a higher priority than them. You remained with Akash when he did such grimy thing. You blamed it on Avnit when mummy ji tumbled from the steps. You blamed her now and you’re demonstrated wrong.

Mahi says I was moronic that I thought our spirits and heart are integrated. Like each guarantee you broke that guarantee as well. Mahi reviews his last guarantee. Jogi said I won’t let you cry and won’t at any point let you be. Mahi says you are not the Jogi I adored. you have changed. He says the Mahi I adored couldn’t hurt anybody. Couldn’t hurt anybody. I can’t accept she attempted to kill somebody today. The young lady who made me a star, you attempted to kill her. Avnit says kindly quiet down Jogi. I did this is on the grounds that you’re my companion. Jogi says we are more than companions. I owe you. What you did, a companion can’t. I won’t let anybody hurt you. Mahi says she will likely part us so she can be with you. She’s lying. Quit trusting her. You’re exceptionally guiltless. He says no doubt I am a nitwit as indicated by you. You are truly astute. For what reason would you say you are with me then, at that point? Disappear from me. Leave me. End this marriage. Disappear from my family for eternity. Mahi is shocked.

Biji says would you say you are insane? He says I broke every one of the guarantees as per her. So I am breaking the final remaining one also. The guarantee of continually being together. Mahi is stunned. Mahi says kindly attempt to comprehend. Jogi holds her hands and pushes her away. He bangles break. Jogi says discard this mangalsutra too. It has no value. Mahi says enough Jogi. This adoration and relationship may have finished for you yet not so much for me. I will consistently cherish you. You can send me away from your heart. You can’t remove my affection for you from my heart. That’s not your right. You can fail to remember everything except I can’t fail to remember this mangalsutra. She says controller, take out the cuffs and capture me. The individual who acquired me this house has a bad situation for me in his heart. So it’s preferred to live in prison over this house. Mahi says Jogi, the law can’t rebuff me more than you have for the transgression I didn’t even do.

Mahi leaves. Biji says stop her. Avnit says we don’t need to grumble. It was an error. We take our case back. Mahi’s father says Jogi kindly prevent this from occurring. Mahi takes a gander at Jogi. Chanda says this Avnit separated them. she’s excessively shrewd. Arjun says virtuoso. Biji says stop it Jogi. Jogi says she’s paying for what she did. I won’t stop it. I won’t pay attention to your swears today. Mahi says let’s go overseer. Avnit smiles.

The police take Mahi. She reviews her minutes with Jogi. The melody do buddy plays. Mahi takes a gander at Jogi one final time.

Episode ends

Precap-Biji says it’s been three days Mahi is gone. Kindly bring her back. Avnit causes Jogi to sing and lays down with him. Somebody enters the house.

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