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Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode Written Update 25th October 2021 – Gopika Tries To Stop The Engagement

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Scene 1
VJ chokes Tejal and says do as I say. She snaps the photo and says this will advise you that I will control you. Gopika comes in and says Tejal would you say you are alright? SHe expresses why are you here? Don’t meddle in my life. gopika says I needed to say unfortunately he was acting this way with you. Let’s tell everybody. Tejal says he just requested that I eliminate my photographs. You don’t know love. you don’t even rest in your husband’s room. Gopika says he doesn’t yell all things considered. you think this is love? The person who loves you won’t hurt you. VJ says don’t meddle between us. This is our matter. We are getting hitched. Gopika says marriage is between two family and she’s my family. He pushes her out and says enough of your talk. He says don’t divide us. On the off chance that you say a word to anybody, it won’t be beneficial for you. Gopika gets scared.

Scene 2
Aashi and Hitain come. Aashi says eat the starters. They’re so great. Ramila says where is Gopika? She is frightened. There’s something. our arrangement is set in all conditions. Chiragh invites Tejal and Vj. They come first floor. Nikhila says let’s start the custom. The young lady says girl’s sibling and bhabhi will give the ring. Minal requests that Saksham and Gopika take tha ring. Saksham doesn’t take Gopika. Tejal and VJ are going to make each other wear the ring. Gopika says Tejal.. Gopika says Tejal if it’s not too much trouble, come clean with everybody. Nikhila expresses what are you saying? Gopika says they had a battle. Everybody is stunned. Gopika says if it’s not too much trouble, let them know Tejal. Nikhila asks Tejal and VJ? Tejal says it was a little arguement. It occurs. Gopika says he hit you. There’s an injury on your hand as well. Minal says is simply obvious? Tejal says no. Saksham says show your hand. Nikhila says OK show your hand. Tejal shows her hand. She’s wearing bangles so it’s stowed away. She put on cosmetics on it. Nikhila says Gopika.. Gopika says I am not lying. She was hit on this hand. Tejal says she’s doing this to humiliate me before my family. Nikhila says come clean with me Tejal. Tejal says there is nothing of the sort. Nikhila says examine my eyes.

Gopika says I am saying reality. He hurt tejal. Nikhila clears off the cosmetics from her hand. She’s stunned. Nikhila expresses what is this Tejal? Tejal says I was pressing garments. Then, at that point, it occurred. Vivan was applying medication on it and Gopika missed the point. gopika says I know what I saw. Please don’t conceal it. Kindly tell everybody. This isn’t right. Tejal reviews she said to VJ she can’t endure his conduct and they need to separate. VJ said I will kick the bucket without you. I need you. He said make me a superior person.

VJ’s mother expresses what dramatization is this? Such enormous allegation on my child? My child regard ladies. SAksham says we are sorry for Gopika’s benefit. It should be a misconception. VJ says I feel terrible for you. You are caught with her. We thoroughly understand her. VJ’s mother says if Gopika stays here will be break this commitment. Saksham says don’t say that. Gopika will leave. He takes Gopika out.

VJ and Tejal make each other wear the rings. Aashi says to Ramila Let’s continue to stoke the fire. Gopika says to Saksham this person isn’t appropriate for Tejal. He expresses what do you escape this? You like consideration right? You are moronic and a liar. You just skill to demolish things. You generally humiliate us. I don’t need to converse with you. He leaves.

Scene 3
Ramila says to Minal I am sorry for Gopika’s sake. Minal says it’s OK. Ramila says she’s my little girl. I don’t know why she does that. You shouldn’t have welcomed her. Aashi says mummy ji didn’t need her yet Nikhila requested that she bring Gopika. Ramila says yet for what reason would Nikhila do that? This could affect Tejal’s life.

Gopika says to baa I am truly stressed for Tejal. Saksham said he won’t pay attention to me. VJ snapped a picture of him hitting her. It’s in his telephone. We need to get that photograph out of his telephone. Who will trust me? how would I demonstrate it? Baa says your dada ji preferred these garments. What Gopika couldn’t do, Radhika would. Gopika expresses what? She shows her old garments to camouflage in.

Episode ends.

Precap-Saksham discovers Radhika’s napkin. Gopika comes there dresses as Radhika and with a cover all over. Saksham meets her.

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