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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

Scene 1
Saksham says Gopika sit, we are getting late. She can’t see the entryway. Saksham opens the entryway for her. He ties her safety belt. Saksham says you are a visitor here just that’s why I am doing this. You’re going out in any case after Diwali.

Ramila says I figured I would get cash yet the sum total of what I experience is difficulty. Aashi says don’t stress mummy.

Saksham requests that Gopika get phaphda from sotre. Gopika can’t see. She heads inside and searches for ths stuff she really wants. She gets canine food accidentally. The manager says he should not eat one time and eat this? She says he loves it. He says you regard him to such an extent? She says everybody should be regarded. He says OK. What’s his name? Gopika says SAksham Modi. He says goodness, it’s a unique individual from the family. Mine is Tabby. She says truly? The attendant giggles canine is named Saksham Modi?

Scene 2
Gopika returns home. She can’t see. Mr. Modi says where is the morning meal? Gopika says let me prepare it. Gopika serves canine food. Nikhila expresses what is this smell. She expresses what is this? She is going to eat the canine food. Aashi says stop. It’s canine food. Aashi says GOpika you were offending Nikhila by getting her canine food? Nikhila says stop. Nikhila says to Aashi count behind this plate. Aashi says I can’t see. Nikhila says Gopika isn’t wearing her glasses. How might she see? It isn’t her shortcoming. I remain with reality. Don’t call right off-base next time. Aashi says sorry. Nikhila says on diwali our DILs make rangoli. Make it. She says Saksham, get Gopika’s glasses. He says they will be here by evening.

Scene 3
Ramila doesn’t say anything will come from your parents in law this Diwali. The watchmen bring it gifts. Ramila says wow I will show it off to everybody. Tejal comes.

Gopika says Maa ji remained with me. I was committing a major error. Much obliged to you for preventing maa ji from eating it. I trust I don’t rehash this error. Saksham comes in and says your glasses are made. Gopia says much obliged. She trips. Saksham makes her wear her glasses. Gopika says bless your heart. He says you can see now? The more you stay here, the more you will make issues. Tomorrow after diwali take off from this house. He leaves.

Scene 4
Tejal says these are diwali presents for me. I requested them myself. Hitain says how might you arrange presents for yourself? She says you needed a rich DIL right? Then, at that point, cover for her bills. Hitain says take it back. He says our strategy is that we can’t take things back. rAmila says in my home I charge 1k each subsequent lease. You may need to leave this for nothing. SHe counts 1k.. 2k.. They take all the stuff back.

Aashi calls. ramila tells her what Tejal did. Aashi says how might I make rangoli? She advises her how to make it. Gopika makes the rangoli. Aashi says you’re doing this to expand your numbers right? So they show me out rather than you. minal says aashi you made such a pretty rangoli. Nikhila says who made it? Gopika says Aashi. Aashi says I made it. Nikhila says truly? She says OK. Gopika says well done.

Episode ends

Precap-Saksham says Radhika. if you don’t come before one another, how might we work? If it’s not too much trouble, take of your cover. You can converse with me serenely. Gopika is worried.

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