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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th October 2021

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

Scene 1
Aashi says to Ramila everybody continues to discuss Radhika. I don’t know what her identity is. Ramila says she won’t do anything. At the point when will Gopika confess all the house. Ramila says they are giving such a great amount to VJ. We ought to have attempted to set Hitain with Tejal. Aashi says for what reason would they? He has nothing. He’s not attractive and famous like Hitain. He doesn’t even have some work.. Ramila says was Gopika directly about VJ? Aashi says I don’t know.

Scene 2
Gopika asks chiragh where is Tejal? He says she’s gone out to the gem dealer. Saksham and Chiragh care for the arrangements. Saksham says GOpika today is Tejal’s extraordinary day. Don’t ruin it. Gopika says I can’t fail to remember my obligation as the DIL of this house. Saksham says would you be able to leave? SHe says would you be able to drop me to the specialist? My stomach harms. He says pick up the pace. Gopika says I need to show him how VJ acts with Gopika.

Gopika says to Saksham the center is close to precious stone diamond setters. Would you be able to take me there plaese? Tejal and VJ come out. She says our commitment is moving. He expresses what? I advised you to erase your profile. She says I simply needed to share my photos. He gets a handle on her hand and says why don’t you comprehend. She says leave my hand everyoen is seeing. Gopika requests that Saksham stop the vehicle. She says see there. A cart separates them. Saksham says don’t burn through my time. Gopika says look there. He says nobody is there. What’s amiss with you? Saksham strolls away.

VJ presses Tejal’s hand and says I need to stop Tejal. In any case, I wanted to save her for eternity. Gopika makes their video. He pushes Tejal and says sit in the vehicle now. VJ comes to Gopika and says I can give a superior exhibition. He takes the telephone and breaks it. VJ says I will get hitched to Tejal today. You can’t stop it. Gopika says on the off chance that I can rehash one slip-up ordinarily, I can remain against multiple times. God is with me, I won’t let this wedding occur. VJ giggles. VJ says who will trust you? What’s the verification? He leaves.

Scene 3
Saksham returns. He expresses why are you here? She says if it’s not too much trouble, sit tight for two minutes. Gopika goes inside the shop and asks the businessperson did you see what occurred outside? He says I was additionally stunned how is it possible that someone would do that to Tejal Modi? However at that point I figured how might I meddle. He tells Gopika everything. Gopika says I am her SIL. Kindly come and tell all that to my family;. It’s about a girl’s life. He says I can’t get into that wreck. It’s your family issue. Gopika says would it be recorded it the camera? He says OK. She says kindly give me the recording. Nobody will take your name. He gives her the recording in a drive. Gopika comes out. Saksham has left. She says I need to give this drive to Saksham. Gopika returns home in a rickshaw.

Scene 4
Minal invites VJ and his family. Saksham invites them. Gopika comes. Nikhila says you’re a visitor yet in the wedding you’re the DIL. Where right? Gopika says I went to.. Nikhila says stop with your reasons. She says you need to see this. Nikhila says the wedding is continuing. She leaves. Gopika says how would I play this?

Ramila comes. She says to Aashi a particularly costly gift? Such countless gifts? Aashi says OK. Aashi says quit longing for getting hitain this. Gopika searches for Saksham. VJ is in the room. He locks the entryway. Gopika says for what reason did you lock the entryway? He pushes her. Gopika attempts to run. He says you thought I won’t know? He says what’s in this drive? Gopika says I have the confirmation from the camera. I will tell everybody. He says give it to me. He attempts to grab it. Gopika runs. Gopika battles with him. Ramila and Aashi come. They say elave her. Gopika says I won’t give the pen drive. They push VJ. His head reaches the stopping point. He checks out Ramila out of frustration. They are frightened. VJ swoons. Gopika and Aashi shout. Aashi and Gopika pull Ramila. Ramila says you killed the man of the hour. How did you respond? Gopika says he hits Tejal. I had the evidence. He was attempting to story that evidence from me. Aashi says did he pass on? Ramila says no he’s alive. Ramila says where is the drive? Gopika says it was in my grasp yet presently it isn’t.

Episode ends

Precap-The wedding begins. gopika says stop this wedding. He isn’t the right person. VJ chokes Gopika and says I will kill you. Saksham comes there and hits him.

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