St Patricks Day Quotes

St Patricks Day Quotes

St Patricks Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

St Patricks Day Quotes

See you at evening-feast on beef and cabbage today and a host of Irish blessings. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Wishing you, good luck, blessings and happiness for today and every day. Happy St Patrick’s day

May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain shower upon your fields. May God bless you always. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

May the luck of the Irish keep you drifting through your day with happiness! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Let’s drink green beer! Let’s do green Jell-O shots! Where’s your Saint Patrick’s Day spirit?

May luck be our companion, May friends stand by our side. May history remind us of all of Ireland’s faith and pride. May God bless us with happiness. May love and faith abide.

I wish I could be there to celebrate St Patrick’s Day along with you. But, all my thoughts and wishes are with you on this wonderful occasion. Wishing you a very happy St Patrick’s Day.

I wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. May you have a great day, filled with friends, fun, smiles and beers.

May your St. Patrick’s Day wishes fill your life like a rainbow! Have a great day!

I went out drinking on St Patricks Day, so I took a bus home…That may not be a big deal to you, but I’ve never driven a bus before.


It is better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money!


Not just on St. Patty’s Day, my likes for ye runs day after day!


The one thing us Irish have is the ability to laugh at ourselves. God bless us all.


May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience, and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint!


I have the most wonderful person to share my life with today. I love you for so many reasons and I love you so many ways. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

or each petal on a shamrock This brings a wish your way, For health, luck, and happiness For today and every day.

In Ireland, the inevitable never happens and the unexpected constantly occurs.


An old Irish recipe for longevity: Leave the table hungry. Leave the bed sleepy. Leave the bar thirsty.


May your days be grand Filled with joy and laughter And may the greatest of Irish Luck Be with you forever after.


May the Good Lord take a liking to you … but not too soon!

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Funny St. Patrick’s Day Quotes

The Irish don’t know what they want and are prepared to fight to the death to get it.


May your St. Patrick’s Day be beery, and oh so cheery.


Every St. Patrick’s Day every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to.


Let’s celebrate a proud Irish tradition by drinking cheap American beer!

St. Patrick’s Day Quotes About Love

No leprechaun could keep my love from growing in fact, it’s Dublin! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Love is never defeated, and I could add, the history of Ireland proves it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


The more I know you, the more you mean to me. You fill my life with hope and you make me happy. The luck of the Irish may have brought me to you, but it was your heart of gold that has kept our love true! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


My love for you is worth more than all of the gold in Ireland!

Saint Patrick’s Day Quotes Blessings

Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue. But never forget to remember those that have stuck by you.

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

May the blessing of each day be the blessings you need most.

Hence I cannot be silent, and indeed I ought not to be, about the many blessings and the great grace which the Lord has designed to bestow upon me.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Quotes

Don’t forget to dress in green… Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Sending you my good wishes, warm thoughts & honest prayers. May you get blessed on this St. Patrick’s Day.

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