Sony will continue manufacture Android phones.

Sony Xperia Productions – The Xperia series of smartphones has long ignored the US market, only offering unlocked models at exorbitant prices. For instance, the most recent Xperia 1 V will be available in roughly a month and will cost $1,400. Even globally, Sony only accounts for a relatively small portion of the market. Even in its most well-known market, Japan, where Sony is based, sales have been declining.

Sony’s Xperia series of Android phones has never been especially well received, but despite the exorbitant prices that make them nearly impossible to recommend, the firm has now committed to years of additional Android releases, so it’s unlikely that it will give up anytime soon.

Sony and Qualcomm announced a “multi-year” agreement in a press release to keep supplying Snapdragon chips for Xperia smartphones in both the premium and mid-range price ranges.

Sony and Qualcomm have long-standing relationships, but this announcement is noteworthy in and of itself since it paves the way for an increasing number of Xperia devices to follow.

It’s understandable to wonder why Sony keeps producing Android phones, but it’s still encouraging to see the business trying. Having more options, even if they are limited, is a good thing because the Android smartphone market has been steadily contracting, especially at the top end.

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