Several Twitter Users Have Called Out Ariana Grande After Her Latest Shared Photos

Eminent singer, Ariana Grande has had an eventful 2021 so far. From getting married to becoming the judge of the popular singing reality show on American television, ‘The Voice’. On the first day of the month of December, Ariana posted a few photographs on her official Instagram account where the musician is looking completely different from usual. In her post, she can be seen wearing a grey overcoat and a white scarf but not the outfit but her makeup which draws the attention of the people. When the photo becomes viral people find a resemblance of her look with that of an East Asian girl. That is why when the photo is shared on Twitter several Twitter users have raised their voices and accused Ariana of Asian fishing. You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘Asian fishing’. Asian fishing is when a person who is not Asian tries to look Asian by using certain pieces of clothing or by applying makeup. Just like Black fishing, Asian fishing is also considered to be offensive. Amidst the controversy, Ariana deleted this particular picture of her from social media but social media users have already taken several screenshots of the said picture. This deletion added fuel to the controversy and people wrote some harsh comments under the posts of the singer on multiple social media platforms. Some of her fans also came in support of the singer and took a strong stand against the people who are harassing Ariana.

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