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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Simar let Badi Maa know that she isn’t Simar Oswal now, yet Simar Narayan now. She says as you have offered guidance, we will esteem it. Badi Maa tells Indu that I am leaving with the expectation, I don’t need to come here again to show the correct way to your girl. Indu says Simar is doing great, our home and gets some information about her. Badi Maa says tragically your home is as yet identified with us, your one little girl is still bahu of our home. She says I need to offer one guidance while leaving and says if any connection is kept after marriage, it is called ill-conceived. She says on the off chance that I tell my fabulous child, he will concur. She requests that they comprehend that the awful spots falls on the young ladies and not on the folks. Indu says navratri days are continuing, and such things don’t alarm us, we are simply terrified of mata rani. She says we are still samdhi and that’s why thought to tell you. She takes prasad from Simar and offers Badi Maa. Badi Maa advances her hand and takes the prasad. She eats it. Simar grins. Badi Maa folds her hands and says Jai Maa Durga. Indu likewise overlap her hands. Badi Maa begins leaving. Simar folds her hands to welcome her. Badi Maa overlooks her and leaves. Avinash asks Simar, if Gitanjali Devi said right, if Aarav ji you still meet?

Aarav cries and tells that his affection is inadequate, he needed to finish it. He says I realize that Simar can’t be mine, my adoration will be fragmented, assuming I don’t get Simar, I will kick the bucket. He cries in Yamini’s lap. Yamini gets sorrowful eyes as well and says the individuals who love, gets the wish to get it. She says the individuals who needed to get their adoration, will get it and will not twist down their knees. Aarav says I haven’t twist down my knees, I have satisfied the guarantee given to Badi Maa. He says Aarav Oswal can’t surrender. He gets up and is going to leave. Yamini Devi requests that he stop and says you have vowed to Simar as well, infront of me, that you will give the air to her wings in the sangeet world. He expresses how to manage the deficient guarantees. Yamini says there is just one, in which you can help Simar without breaking guarantee made to your badi maa. She says you can bring satisfaction to Simar and give wings to her fantasies. He says I am prepared to do anything for her satisfaction. Avinash asks Simar. Indu expresses what are you saying? Avinash asks Simar, if everything finished between them both or then again if they….He requests that she reply. Simar envisions Aarav there and requesting that she answer Papa. Avinash inquires as to whether something is unheard or implicit between you both. Aarav requests that Simar answer Papa. Avinash says I am not stressed that you are divorced person, yet I can’t bear in the event that anybody brings up finger on my daughter’s character. He feels torment and holds his chest. Indu makes him sit. Simar says Papa, it’s not possible for anyone to bring up finger on your little girl. He says on the off chance that you both meet coincidentally? She says there will be no gathering from my side, never. Avinash requests that she be cautious and keeps his hand on her head. Simar gets up and goes.

Yamini says in the event that you can’t meet her, likewise can deliver music collection for her. He asks how? Yamini says Simar is honored with Saraswati voice and anybody will jump at the chance to hear her. She says you realizes that I needed to make collection with her, and requests that she become Messiah and produce collection for her, so her voice arrive at everybody. He says however if Simar won’t work with me. Yamini Devi says you simply need to turn into her appearance, and Simar will not realize who is delivering it. She says we need to set the best recording group for her, and her presentation collection will be acceptable that there is no thinking back. He says he don’t know at least something about music world. Yamini Devi says I know a music arranger whose character is exceptional like his sangeet. Samar is shown. Yamini Devi adulates his music and tells that each music mark needs to work with him. He has won so many honor in a half year, which great music authors couldn’t win. Aarav requests that Yamini call him. Yamini Devi says he can’t reject me and calls Samar. Samar picks the call and says you filled my heart with joy. She inquires as to whether he tracked down adoration. He says he don’t like to tie anybody and don’t need to tie himself. Yamini devi says I comprehended, and says when genuine love thumps at your entryway, then, at that point, you can’t say this. Samar asks did you like any young lady for me? Yamini says there is one undertaking for you, and requests that he come to Agra tomorrow. Samar says your request is my responsibility. She tells Aarav that Samar is coming tomorrow, this person is tempest and he will take Simar to statures, where she will be there. She says their names are coordinating, Samar and Simar. She says their taal is coordinating. Aarav says Aarav-Simar are coordinating, genuine sur is this.

Vivaan returns home from emergency clinic with Reema. He is going to fall, Reema holds his hands. He gets over her hand courteously. He comes inside and contacts Chitra’s feet. He then, at that point, goes to Aditi. Aditi embraces him and says she is glad to see him back home. Vivaan contacts Sandhya’s feet and embraces her. Sandhya says my child got back securely, Mata Rani will guard you generally. Vivaan expresses gratitude toward her. Badi Maa comes there. vivaan contacts her feet and embraces her. Badi Maa says you have gotten back securely, presently I am mitigated. She requests that he take rest and don’t ponder work, until he gets fine. He says badi maa. Badi Maa says this is my request. Vivaan says alright. He asks where is Aarav Bhai, in case he is considering himself answerable for my condition. He says he isn’t liable for my condition. Aarav comes there and says chote, welcome back. Vivaan embraces him and says thank you Bhai. Aarav says I can’t excuse myself, I am alive and faults himself for his condition. Vivaan says I am alive, because of your adoration, so quit accusing yourself. Aarav requests that he fare thee well. Vivaan says I will fare thee well. Badi Maa requests that Reema take him to room. Reema holds him and takes him to room. Badi Maa asks Aarav, where was he till now? Aarav gets a call and takes out his versatile. It tumbles down on the floor. Badi Maa is going to see the call and strolls towards his versatile. Aarav picks his versatile and keeps it in his pocket. Badi Maa asks where did you go? Aarav says I went outside to get some harmony. Badi Maa says in the event that anybody got harmony outside the house. Aarav says house is the one where heart stays. Badi Maa requests that he keep his heart at home, as the house and Vivaan needs him. Aarav says I won’t fail to remember the guarantee made to you, till my final gasp. He asks would i be able to go. She gestures her head. He goes inside.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

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