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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2021

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Simar requesting that Aarav free her from their connection. Aarav is stunned and says Simar. Badi Maa says every one of the 7 pledges which you both have taken during marriage, will break them today in this mandap. Badi Maa tells that this is the finish of your sentiments, and association with her so that there is not a remotely good excuse to think back. She inquires as to whether Jaimala and Varmala is prepared. He says OK. Roma is strolling out and about holding her streetcar. Rajendra asks Shobha what was the deal? Shobha requests that they not to shield uneducated Roma, and says she is mannerless, voiceless and so forth She says devoted bahu is Divya who brought such countless gifts and gems, and inquires as to whether anybody can rival Divya. Rajendra says I can’t accept that whatever happened is truth or not, and says you are not embarrassed and feeling pleased. Shobha inquires as to whether Roma has done right. Lalit says Roma haven’t made the best decision today. Shobha says assuming you need then you can go to your sasural and stay. Lalit comes out and searches for Roma, however she isn’t there.

Indu inquires as to whether he has welcomed the kanyas for the kanyapujan. He says OK. Indu stresses for Avinash and says I am concerned for him. He doesn’t converse with anybody much, and stays lost. Gagan says I have seen as well, this has occurred because of me, I will converse with Papa. He proceeds to call Avinash. Avinash gets up in shock. Gagan asks would you say you are fine? Roma comes there and hears them. Avinash says OK, I am fine. Gagan says I will fix your specs in the first part of the day. He says tell me, I will compose. Avinash says I will compose. Gagan asks what is he composing? Avinash says renunciation. He says Dean sir called me and advised that I got a terrible picture because of court and that’s why trustees don’t need me to work in the school. They request that I compose the renunciation else I will be tossed out of the school. Gagan says I will deal with everything. Indu additionally says something similar and says I will bring ginger tea for you. Avinash says I don’t need anything now. Roma is as yet standing and hearing them. Indu sees her in the mirror, however Roma disappears from that point. Gagan gets Reema’s call and she lets him know that Vivaan is in medical clinic and is in basic condition. He asks what was the deal? Reema requests that he orchestrate B negative blood and don’t tell anybody. Gagan says alright. Indu emerges from the house, searching for Roma and thinks in the event that I misjudged. She goes inside the house once more. Roma is taking cover behind the vehicle and cries.

Simar and Aarav are situated for the opposite adjusts. Badi Maa says the chandan woods which you got from your Narayan family for Aditi, today it is being utilized for yourself and says this is fate. She requests that Pandit ji do the vidhi. Pandit ji attempts to get the fire going to the wood, yet it doesn’t burst the into flames. Badi Maa is stunned, everybody looks on. Aditi lets Badi Maa know that even God don’t need this, and says it is an indication of God that wood isn’t lighting. Badi Maa requests that she proceed to remain on her place quietly. Simar pours ghee on the havan wood and amazements everybody with her forfeiting move. She then, at that point, strikes the match stick and consumes the wood. The havan wood bursts into flames. Simar says it is the predetermination of ice to soften into water, and it is the fate of wood to transform into remains. Badi Maa is astounded and says now the opposite rounds will begin. She says Pandit ji will tell every one of the pledges individually and Aarav and this young lady will break it individually. Aarav and Simar hold each other’s hands. They hold up. Pandit ji says now the lady and man of the hour will begin the opposite adjusts. Aarav and Simar begin taking the converse rounds, while Pandit ji tells about the marriage promises. Aarav and Simar begin to break the guarantees and promises individually, with each round. Sandhya cries. Simar is going to break the guarantee, yet Aditi stops her. Simar breaks the guarantee. Pandit ji likewise feels awful and requests that they start the fourth opposite round. Aarav and Simar break the fourth and fifth pledges with the weighty heart. Pandit ji requests that they start the 6 rounds. Simar breaks the pledges. Chitra and Giriraj grins. Pandit ji says seventh and last round. They take the converse round once and for all. Simar is going to swoon and falls. Aarav holds her. Badi Maa gets strained and requests that Maharaj ji bring water. Aarav holds Simar. Maharaj brings water for him. Aarav makes her beverage water. Simar breaks the last promise and cries. Aarav with crushing sadness, attempts to break the last promise. He drinks water from the glass, drank by Simar. Badi Maa gets vexed. He says I, Aarav Oswal breaks this promise. Sandhya and Aditi cries. Gajendra feels bad.

Episode ends.

Precap: Badi Maa tosses material that’s used to secure the bunch in fire saying this finishes weds that depended on cheat and falsehood. Simar’s gems are gone for off and she strolls to take off from the house. Aarav grovels. Simar sees him, yet keeps strolling backwards.

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