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Sasaki and Miyano: How Will Miyano React to Sasaki’s Feelings for Him

Episode 4 of the popular anime series called “Sasaki and Miyano’ is all set to release on 31st January 2022 at 00:30 JST. In the 3rd episode of the anime Sasaki suddenly met Miyano and they went for coffee. At the end of episode 3 inside of a train compartment, Sasaki finally confessed his feelings for Miyano. Sasaki did not want to tell this to Miyano but when he expressed her love for Miyano, he was not fully asleep. The viewers are eagerly waiting to know exactly how Miyano is going to react to the words said by Sasaki. In this episode, Sasaki defends the BL genre wholeheartedly and this develops a sense of respect in Miyano for Sasaki.

Sasaki and Miyano

In episode 4 we will find out how Miyano will react to the things said by Sasaki out of the blue. Of course, he requires time as most of the time Miyano remains in a state of denial as he claims he is not interested in BL stuff. We as viewers can only hope that Miyano accepts the proposal made by Sasaki and does not overcomplicate things. All these are assumptions as no official statement has been released by the producers. As we mentioned earlier, the episode is released on the last day of January, which is Monday in Japan but the western countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and others will be able to watch this series on Sunday, which means on 30th January 2022. Viewers can watch the episode on Japanese television networks such as Sun, TV Aichi, Tokyo MX and also on BS NTV. Other Asian country viewers can watch this series on YouTube and the channel name is Ani-One Asia whereas international viewers can watch this on Funimation.

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