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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated Sagar camouflaged as house keeper Kalavati contacts Gehna obscenely in lieu of moving around her. Kanak stops him and removes him. Gehna faculties Sagar’s presence. Kanak takes Sagar to kitchen and slaps him for his offensive demonstration. He says Gehna was looking so excellent. She says he would have been captured for his offensive demonstration and sends him through window. Gehna strolls to kitchen looking through house cleaner. Kanak inquires as to whether she really wants something. Gehna says she really wants water. Kanak says she will bring water for her as she has mehandi on her hand and sends her away. Gehna sees window open, look through servant Kalavati in entire house, and tracks down her missing. She then, at that point, finds Kalavathi strolling on street. Sagar goes into a room and leaves in the wake of evolving garments. Gehna goes into a house and finding Kalavti’s counterfeit hairpiece and garments acknowledges it was Sagar without a doubt. She thinks who acquired Sagar as Kalavati Desai house. She picks Kalavati’s garments and attempts to leave when Sagar enters and attempts to attack her. She cautions him to avoid her. He holds her.

Srivastav illuminates Anant/Sid that teacher Kumar is arranging a ruthless assault. Anant says his disarray is clearing, prior Gehna consented to wed him when there was a court hearing now an information on professor’s assault plan. Srivastav expresses every one of the 3 things are associated. Anant illuminates Gehna is missing and perhaps her life is in harm’s way. Srivastav says he will ask him group to track down her out. Gehna attaches Sagar to a seat. Sagar recollects educator arranging a major bomb impact after diwali. He cautions Gehna to leave him or probably she will bear critical outcomes. She denies. He says there is somebody at her home who is helping him and requests that she return to Jamnagar with him and be his sovereign as Anant is now dead. She slaps him and leaves. She camouflages herself as Kalavati and holds up in her room. Kanak enters and thinking her as Sagar asks how did he manage Gehna. She eliminates cloak and is stunned to see Gehna all things considered, she gets apprehensive and argues Gehna not to illuminate family about her inclusion. Gehna leaves and meets family. Baa asks where was she. Gehna says in store room. Kanak strolls to them stressed. Gehna says Kanak apologized her for her trouble making till now and told she will prepare her as lady of the hour in her wedding. Kanak embraces and expresses gratitude toward her for not uncovering her. Gehna requests that she do her task.

Gehna gets back to her room and figures what should be Kumar’s plan, in case is arranging a bomb impact. She hears Sagar’s telephone ringing and seeing Kumar’s telephone picks it. Kumar requests that he be prepared for his assignment. Telephone turns off. She surges out to get telephone charger when Anant sees her and stops. She demands him to release her and surges back to her space to discover Sagar’s telephone missing. Kanak in her room exhaust that she needs to follow up on Gehna’s request. Gehna enters and says OK and requests that she return Sagar’s telephone. Kanak denies. Gehna takes her Sagar. Kanak sprinkles water on Sagar. Sagar blows up and undermines him. Kanak says she isn’t anxious about his dangers and says its great that Gehna tied him here. Gehna strolls in. Sagar says Kanak double-crossed him and got to know Gehna. Gehna picks iron pole and requests that Kanak discover Kumar’s plan through Sagar quickly or probably she will uncover her before Desai family. Kanak slaps Sagar again.

Precap: Gehna and Anant arrive at Kumar’s nook. Kumar over telephone takes steps to execute bomb impact before chose time and traps them in a net.

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