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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2021

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddharth/Anant sees house cleaner watching him and runs towards her. Sagar attempts to run and his hairpiece tumbles off, he stows away. Kanak stops Sid. Sid calls her bhabhi. Kanak inquires as to for what reason is he calling her bhabhi. He says his companion is wedding in this house and consequently she is even his bhabhi; he further says that her servant was playing find the stowaway here. Kanak says she can get him tea or espresso assuming he needs. He says he doesn’t need anything and leaves. Kanak hauls Sagar out and cautions him to avoid everyone’s consideration, she came on schedule or, more than likely he would have been gotten. Desai family locates moon to break karva chauth quick. Hema gets some information about Gehna. Kanak thinks Gehna disappears consistently. Baa and others watch their husbands’ faces and perform custom. Gehna seeing Sid and Srivastav figures she will cross leg Sid and redirecting everyone’s consideration towards him will break quick taking a gander at Anant’s photograph. She cross legs Sid, makes him fall, and checks out Anant’s photograph. Sid stands up and faces her for making him fall. Their contention begins. He irately tosses water all over. She yells how could he is to toss water on her, does same, and leaves. Siya tells Sid that Gehna’s Kanhaji paid attention to her petitions and broke her quick by means of her Anantji.

Gehna gets back to her room and cries that her heart says that her Anantji is around her, she didn’t feel strange when an obscure individual broke her quick; she figured Kanhaji will break her quick through Anantji and her quick broke when Sid sprinkled water all over, it implies Kanhaji is showing that Sid is her Anantji. Kanak attempts to shout at Sid for sprinkling water on Gehna’s face and breaking her quick. Sid cautions her to quit shouting at him and inquires as to whether they didn’t perceive how Gehna contended with him, even his quick is spoilt by Gehna as he was fasting for his life partner. Siya acts intrigued and asks is it child. He says OK. Hiral requests to stop their child show and escape their home. Sid with Siya attempts to leave. Gehna stops him and says tomorrow is her mehandi custom with Srivastav and henceforth Sid and Siya need to remain back from Srivastav’s side. She requests that Sid fail to remember everything and stay back. He concurs. When everybody leaves, he tells Srivastav that Gehna is concealing something and consequently consented to wed Srivastav. Srivastav says possibly its identified with teacher, he requested that his sources spy on Professor and discover his next moves.

The following day, Gehna’s mehandi work begins. Tia checks mehandi plan for Gehna. Kanak chooses one and requests that she get mehandi applied to even her after Gehna. Hema mumbles Kanak is anxious to send Gehna away. Kanak inquires as to whether she said something. Hema asks when will Gehna come. Kanak says Gehna is in every case late and strolls in like a visitor. Baa with Bapuji brings Gehna and causes her to sit for mehandi custom. Srivastav says Gehna looks shocking. Anant cautions him that Gehna is his bhabhi. Srivastav asks him not to let completely go and get uncovered today. Anant requests to control him if he does. Intoxicated servant Sagar inquires as to whether he can apply mehandi to Gehna. Family concurs. He draws S on Gehna’s hand. Gehna asks what did he draw and faculties an unusual smell. Sagar says S for Srivastav. Kanak reproves her to bring tea and snacks for everybody and taking him to kitchen chides him for getting intoxicated. Sagar says Gehna is looking extremely wonderful. Kanak reprimands him to be in his cutoff points. Hema enters and asks Kanak what occurred. Kanak says nothing and sends her away.

Baa gets passionate considering Gehna’s bidayi/goodbye. Bapuji solaces her. Anant says let us rock the occasion with dance. Siya and Tia dance on Aja mahi ve.. tune. He goes along with them. Baa sings next genuinely for Gehna. Entire family joins later. Gehna checks out Anant and gets lost. Sagar moves around her and enchantingly contacts her. Gehna acknowledges he is Sagar.

Precap: Kanak stands up to Sagar that Gehna is missing and asks where did he take her. She eliminates Sagar’s shroud and is stunned to see Gehna instead.

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