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Rishton Ka Manjha Written Update Episode 16th October 2021 – Diya Wins The Match

Rishton Ka Manjha 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

Scene 1

The host says we are start the third arrangement of this match. Arjun says come on Diya. You can win this. diya battles with Saree. The official is being uncalled for. Arjun expresses what’s going on with you? This was in line. Diya routs Ria in the following point. Diya slips on account of the oil. Her foot gets harmed.

Amitabh says your child has hitched that young lady. We halted him so much yet he went to her. Presently he may take off from this house. Madhuri says he better. I don’t acknowledge that young lady and this marriage. I will not allow her to go into this house. Nobody will give her place in this house or their threats. Deepika expresses what will occur with Arjun brings her home after the match?

Scene 2

Sanjev says to Tina express gratitude toward God we brought you here on schedule. For what reason did you give yourself such a lot of agony. I will carry him to the mandap. He can’t make you extremely upset. Love says he should wed you. Tina says I actually love him, all of you will not be brutal on him. If it’s not too much trouble, request that your men return. He says as you wish. Fare thee well. Tina says I will destroy Diya’s life.

Arjun races to Diya and says are you okay?It’s an injury. He ties a fabric around her food. Arjun says Arjun escape the court. You are a restricted player. He says Diya is harmed. Karan says there is a specialist for that. You’re not permitted inside the court. Arjun ventures out. Diya gets up. Arjun gestures at her. Diya says no aggravation can prevent me from playing this match.

Madhuri expresses how would it be a good idea for me to respond? Escape the room and see the visitors checking out me with questions? Dadi says Deepika you take a quick trip and see the visitors. She says Madhuri handle yourself. Acknowledge reality. Diya is Arjun’s better half and this current house’s DIL now. MAdhuri expresses what? As a result of her we are in the present circumstance. Tina is in clinic. She said she will disappear from Arjun and she wedded him. Dadi says who said Bengali young lady can’t learn customs? All MILs show their DILs like I instructed you. Life isn’t in your control. You can’t change the destiney. Ponder you. We did everything to prevent Arjun from going to her however we proved unable. Arjun hasn’t drank since she went to his life. MAdhuri says due to her he returned to badminton. I won’t ever acknowledge that young lady.

Scene 3

Diya gets another point. She is at 17 and Ria at 12. Karan begins blowing up. Everyoen applauds Diya. She wins the last point. Everybody stands up and applauds Diya. Arjun gets sad. Karan is irate. Diya dominates the game. Arjun embraces Diya. Diya cries. Arjun says all around done.

Scene 4

Mohan is concerned for Diya. He says I don’t have a clue what will happen when Diya goes to Arjun’s place. How might they act with her? Mira says his mother never preferred Diya. Mohan says I have total confidence in Arjun. In any case, I couldn’t say whether his family would acknowledge her. Kaki says I said something very similar. They won’t ever acknowledge her. Arjit was superior to Arjun. Marriage can possibly work in case it’s done in a similar class. Ajrun will not let out the slightest peep before his mother when she shows Diya out. Mira says all eventual great. Arjun is with Diya. Kaki says how well do you know him? He broke his own wedding as well. He can leave Diya too. The entire world saw what occurred here.

Diya says Arjun we won. She cries. Arjun says you did it Diya. Congrats. You crushed Karan. Arjun takes a gander at Karan. Arjun says you organized everything great. Cash, force, security and this load of endeavors all went to no end. The oil that you put on the court didn’t work all things considered. Presently utilize that oil elsewhere. I mean the institute entryways are loud. 5 years prior you got be restricted from badminton. Today is the response to that day. That my significant other, Diya Agarwal provided for you by dominating this game. So Karan Mathur.. I’m back. What’s more, this time I am in good company. Diya is with me also. She will show you something new. She will win state title also. You can’t prevent Diya from winning. So see you in the following match. Try not to cry when you return home. Stop this young lady if possible. They leave.

Scene closes.

Precap-Amitabh says this young lady isn’t home yet and awful news have begun coming in. Nobody will do her greh parvesh. Arjun comes in holding Diya and says invite us Dadi.

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