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Rishton Ka Manjha 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Rishton Ka Manjha 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nikhila says you were taking liquor from Arjun’s room and Depikka you were helping her? Diya says OK I took them to waste them. I will waste if he gets more too. Arjun was truly intoxicated yesterday. I don’t need these in his room. Tina says Arjun will loathe it when he discovers. He doesn’t like anybody meddling in his space. Indeed, even Madhuri aunt never does then, at that point. Madhuri says if I showed a similar strength on time this won’t have occurred. I attempted to address him however he won’t ever tune in. I think something like this must be done to prevent him from drinking. She says Depika request that Bannu toss them out of the house. She leaves.

Madhuri does pooja with dadi. She expresses what would you like to say? She expresses what Arjun did wasn’t right. I can’t change things. When she’s here as the DIL, I should allow her an opportunity. Dadi says as much she’s making a spot in your heart. Allow her an opportunity. Madhuri petitions God for Ajrun. Dadi says I know it’s difficult for you. In any case, the day you see Arjun’s improvementm you will acknowledge him.

Scene 2
Diya rehearses in the room. Arjun says practice? She says OK you requested that I practice this strategy. Arjun says here is something for you. There are bottles in it. Arjun says you tossed my things without my authorization. You’ve got guts. Diya says I let you know liquor isn’t something worth being thankful for. I can make you wiped out. HE says I likewise advised you to stay out of other people’s affairs. She says it’s my business. Arjun sayts I don’t need anybody in my space. We are companions right? Companions have a limit. Diya says then, at that point, pay attention to me as a companion, it’s not something to be thankful for to drink. He says and meddling in other people’s life is likewise not something to be thankful for. Quit being a commonplace spouse. Diya says I won’t quit attempting until you surrender drinknig.

Scene 3
Arjun drinks. Diya says Arjun says would you be able to if it’s not too much trouble, let me know this method once more. He says give me. Arjun advises her how to rehearse. Diya says I can’t play outside. She hits the bat on his jug and says I am so heartbroken. I committed an error. I’m grieved. He says I know what you did. She says it was a mix-up. Anybody can commit an error. Arjun says you need to take your archives to the institute for enrollment tomorrow at 10.

Madhuri says maa we need to do the custom tomorrow. Diya comes. Madhuri says to Diya you need to cook for needy individuals and serve them. Diya says I will do it. Diya says in heart cooking once more. Madhuri says it will be at 11 tomorrow. Diya reviews she needed to go to institute at 10. Madhuri says you can’t do it? She says no maa I will do it. Madhuri heard her conversing with Arjun. She says in heart I can acknowledge you as my DIL yet not with badminton.

Diya tells Arjun. She says how might you do it? We need to go for enlistment. Diya says I will track down an exit plan. Don’t stress. Diya says maa has effectively welcomed everybody at 11. Do you have a thought? He says you need to be a decent DIL. Think yourself.

Scene 4
Diya prepares everything for cooking. Depika guides her. She says on the off chance that you really want any assist with telling me. Tina says you will end up being a joke Diya. Depika says I will finish everything. Don’t stress over the material. Dadi says everybody will cherish it.

Epispde ends.

Precap-Tina and Niharika take all the material. Tina says her arrangement would demolish now. Diya expresses what will I do now? Where did all the stuff go?

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