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Rishton Ka Manjha 27th October 2021

Rishton Ka Manjha 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The cosmetics craftsman says you look so beautiful. Visitors begin coming. They say to cherish you acknowledged a bengali dil? Individuals continue to talk. Love blows up. Depik tells dadi dia is preparing. Niharika called a cosmetics craftsman for her. However, without maa this gathering is inadequate. Dadi says not any longer. She accompanies Arjun. Individuals get some information about Amitabh? She says maa the dramatization is presently before the world. Dadi says Diya is our DIL. Niharika says let’s do the customs. Madhuri says I’m here to secure this family’s name as it were. I won’t do any rituals.

Depika says let me get Diya. Niharika says I’ll bring her. Tina says would you say you will bring her? Niharika says it will be such a lot of fun. Arjun and Diya come first floor. Diya has done a ghunghat. Niharika says dadi let’s do her munh dikhai. Dadi requests that Madhuri come. Dadi says Madhuri remove her ghunghat. Madhuri removes the ghunghat yet diya’s face is ordinary. Niharika and tina are stunned. dadi says she looks lovely. Dadi rests of the ceremonies. Tina leaves in anger.

Dadi gives Diya their family’s I legacy bangles. Dadi says you’ve complete right on them. Tina expresses what is this Niharika? She looks typical. Niharika says I paid twofold to the cosmetics craftsman. Tina says was this the arrangement? Everybody is liking that Diya with Arjun. Niharika says that craftsman sent me her photograph as well. Tina leaves in anger.

Depika and everybody gives Diya and Arjun gifts. They get up and drawing close to niharika. Diya says won’t you give us favors? Diya contacted her feet and says how would I look? Niharika says great. Pretty. Diya says sorry dadi I couldn’t prepare how you would have preferred me to. The craftsman attempted yet such a lot of cosmetics doesn’t suit me. Much obliged to you. Niharika leaves. Diya and Arjun smile.

Scene 2
Arjun said before the gathering I wanted to get diya’s archives to enlist her for the title. Allow me to ask Diya. He went to the room. Diya said you can’t come in. You can’t see my face before munh dikhai. He said call your father and get your archives. Diya’s dupatta fell and Arjun saw her face. She says I’m concealing my face for custom. He says if you go like this everybody will snicker. You see yourself. She says niharika said I can’t see my own face before the customs. Arjun says you can’t go first floor like this. He says you resemble a work of art. Allow me to show you.

Arjun showed her the mirror. Diya cried and expressed what is this? This looks so terrible. There’s no time. Niharika asked me not to see my face. Arjun said don’t cry. Stay here. He cleaned her face. Diya said I can fix this. You simply help me. He got her everything.

Karan shows up at the gathering. He says festivities call for friends.

Episode ends.

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