Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

The Episode begins with Ahilya requesting that Khanderao let her be. He asks her what were you thinking. She says about you. He admonishes her. She cries. He asks her not. He wipes her tears. He says you are my whole world, my greatest need, satisfaction. She says you told this to me in plastered state, I would have been happy if you told this to me in faculties, I couldn’t comprehend to trust you or not. He says trust me now. She says you generally drink around evening time, its more devil to you than me, I need to get constant to such injuries, I won’t ever request that you quit drinking, you are liberated from my side, do what you need, you stay glad, I will revile myself, this mix-up will happen again. He blows up and asks how might you say that, what befallen you, you do something like this and see, I will prevent you from going to kitchen. She inquires as to why, its better that I kick the bucket. He says stop it now.

He asks what are you doing, tell me. She takes some water. She says in all actuality, you don’t love me any longer. He furiously leaves. She sits crying. He returns and embraces her. He says you are the most devil for me, I pardon you today, never say that again, you have a propensity with my drinking, right, I will stop drinking, I guarantee you that I will prevent drinking from today. She kisses his hand and cries. He wipes her tears. They smile.

Its morning, Malhar, Gautama and Harku will see Ahilya. Gautama says I reprimanded Ahilya a ton, so this occurred. Harku says we will see her. They come to see Ahilya. Malhar stops them and requests that they see. They grin seeing Khanderao dealing with Ahilya’s consumed feet. Khanderao applies the lep. They grin seeing this.

Gautama says Ahilya has no sign of torment all over. Harku says OK, she is grinning. Ahilya says let it be, I m fine, I can’t stay here for additional time, I have a lot of work. Khanderao says I informed everybody about this, so you don’t stress. She says I m Sonbai of a major family, I can’t sit back. He says you won’t go, I will lift you and take you, I won’t let you go on your feet. She says no, everybody will be outside, in the event that they see us. Malhar says OK, we as a whole are here. Gautama says let me see the consumes. Ahilya says its fine, he applied the chandan lep. Gautama actually takes a look at her feet. She requests that Khanderao fare thee well. She asks how did this occur. Malhar says be careful, don’t be reckless, its bad. Ahilya says OK, presently there is no explanation of fretfulness, don’t stress, we will go at this point. Gautama says your lunch will come here, you need to come out at the hour of Raavan dahan. Malhar, Harku and Khanderao go. Gautama apologizes to Ahilya. Ahilya says your chastening isn’t without an explanation, I need to satisfy all your desires, I have trust that what you need, it will occur. Gautama says I wish this occurs. They grin. Everybody comes to see the Raavan dahan. The children are dressed as Ram, Sita and Laxman. They consume the Raavan symbol. Ahilya says your unfortunate quirk additionally finished today. She grins. Khanderao grins seeing her cheerful. He thinks my guarantee made her so cheerful, so I chose to leave drinking, I don’t know how much my body and heart will uphold me in this. Malhar converses with Gangoba. Gangoba says you need to pick the Senapati for the mission. Malhar says I need something and need to do another thing to keep my obligation, I chose Gunu ji will lead this mission, he will be the Senapati.

Khanderao says you need to help me like consistently. Ahilya says sure. Malhar says I will report Gunu ji’s name tomorrow.

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