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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

The Episode begins with Ahilya conciliating Khanderao. She says we will battle with this enslavement together. He asks do you trust me to such an extent. She says OK, I generally petition God for your prosperity. He embraces her. They cry. He says you generally consider darbar. She says I love a sovereign, I can’t fail to remember my obligation. He says I will prepare and come. She goes. Renu meets her. Ahilya asks her for what valid reason is she vexed. Renu says I m fine, how is Khanderao now. Ahilya says he resembles a child, I needed to push him to prepare and go to the darbar, I generally need to empower him and persuade him, its intense to deal with him. Renu says as much many grumbles with him, similar to he is futile. Ahilya says no, he is truly skilled, he doesn’t know his ability. Renu says its fine, fortunate individuals get an opportunity to whine about spouse, assuming I had a husband, perhaps I would have done likewise. She goes. Ahilya thinks you showed me your aggravation today, I will contemplate your advancement, I need to figure out how to tackle your concern. Malhar is in the darbar. He reviews his choice. Tukoji says we are prepared for the Rajputana mission, Malhar will report the name of the individual picked for this mission. Malhar looks on. Watchman says a warrior has accompanied Peshwa’s message. Malhar grants him to come inside. The fighter comes and gives the letter to Tukoji. Tukoji says Peshwa needs to pick Khanderao as the Senapati for the Rajputana mission, in the wake of perceiving how he took care of the fortification mission, Peshwa will be satisfied if this occurs. Gunu ji gets stunned. Parikshit drones Khanderao’s name. Dhana ji says this can’t be known as an order, its simply an idea, Gunu ji ought to turn into the Senapati, there is no an ideal opportunity to take this idea and consider it. Malhar says on the off chance that I don’t take this idea, it will be insolence of Peshwa, I need all of you to choose, whom to send for the mission, Gunu ji or Khanderao, I won’t be essential for this democratic. Tukoji requests individuals to lift hands in help from Gunu ji. Dhana ji and certain individuals lift hands. Tukoji says thanks to them and requests individuals to lift hands in help from Khanderao. Certain individuals lift hands. Gangoba, Parikshit and Tukoji are likewise for Khanderao.

Malhar says we can choose by the larger part, Khanderao will be the Senapati of the Rajputana mission. Everybody drones Khanderao’s name. Khanderao gets great wishes and embraces his allies. Gautama goes Khanderao’s aarti. Ahilya additionally does his aarti. Malhar says you have ten days, you can request ideas, you need to keep Peshwa ji’s trust, win and come. He favors Khanderao. Gautama expresses gratitude toward Ahilya for uniting Malhar and Khanderao. Dwarka is with Gunu ji. She blows up and says we need to make Khanderao away. Ahilya says thanks to Shiv ji. She comes to Khanderao. He says Gangoba gave me such a lot of work. She says there was an uncommon letter moreover. He says I will get some information about the mission before I leave. She says at whatever point we get data from Gangoba or Malhar, we simply get a thought from them, when we read it ourselves, we comprehend it better. She gives him desserts. He eats it and says its truly sweet, you are the person who loves the desserts to such an extent. She says everybody will see your ability and become your fan. He asks truly. She says OK, they will laud you. He says I got a possibility today to demonstrate my ability, I figure the image will change now, else all my work is viewed as an error. Malhar looks on.

Ahilya says Renu’s second marriage will occur. Gautama and pandits reprimand her.

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