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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th October 2021

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on blogvoter.com

The Episode begins with Khanderao contending with Malhar. Gunu ji says don’t take his words on your heart, he is youthful, he doesn’t have insight, his reasoning will change with time. Gautama says we will head inside if the work is done here. Everybody heads inside. They all embrace and celebrate. Dwarka says Khanderao shouldn’t act like this, we know his kiddishness, yet the outcasts won’t know. Malhar favors Gunu ji and Sita. Khanderao sees Ahilya. She thinks this matter is getting ruined, Khanderao is acting unbending in light of his drinking, don’t realize what will occur if Malhar thinks about it. He goes to her. He praises her. She says I need your joy, I m observing Dussehra with you after quite a while, I wish to get a gift. He asks what do you need, whatever is mine, its yours. She says you know what I need. He asks is it important to make this second dull. She says the negative quirk has caught you, it can ruin our future. He gets vexed and goes. He sees Malhar. He proceeds to welcome him. They embrace. Dwarka grins. Bana says Gunu ji looks all the more near Malhar, right. Khanderao leaves. Ahilya goes to Gautama and welcomes. Gautama takes her to talk. She says you need to make Khanderao away from this harshness, you have seen it, how Malhar is angry with him, this doesn’t make a difference to you, you gave me a guarantee, don’t neglect, the two of them don’t twist, you need to unite them, others are utilizing their disparities, did you clarify Khanderao about this, no right. Ahilya cries. Gautama says he generally contends with his father. Ahilya says I clarify him, yet he doesn’t tune in. Gautama says you have taken care of large issues, this is something seemingly insignificant for you, I let you know a spouse should realize how to control her significant other, in the event that you couldn’t find thusly, its your greatest loss, you don’t have a baby’s obligation, and still, at the end of the day you have no time. They cry.

Gautama says I was simply relying upon you, what did I ask you, you are demonstrating that I committed an error by trusting you, you are breaking my trust. She goes. Ahilya cries and thinks I m hearing this in view of Khanderao, I lost Gautama’s trust, when will he comprehend my stand. Harku looks on. She proceeds to stop Khanderao. She says you ought to commend the celebration with the family. He says I have some pixie work. She says Ahilya has saved gold leaves for you, she used to say that its for you, you will find such 7 leaves in her room, when you weren’t here, she used to invest energy with your recollections, she used to yearn for yourself and converse with you in her minds, Sarja, Renu and I have seen her conversing with you, I was concerned that she freaked out, then, at that point, I comprehended that you had taken care of her by being in her recollections, she did a ton for Malwa and family, she is sure, I feel things aren’t directly between you both, you were greatly disturbed during the ceremonies, I have seen Ahilya crying. He asks what, where is she. He goes. Ahilya is cooking in the kitchen. He requests her. He goes to the kitchen. The hot oil tumbles down. Her feet get injured. Khanderao comes and moves her away. He asks how did you respond. He lifts her and takes her to the space to do the guide. She says let it be. He takes a gander at her.

Khanderao says nothing can get me far from you, I guarantee I will stop drinking. She grins and holds his hand.

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