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Pandya Store Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Dhara Still Holds Hopes From Raavi

Pandya Store 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update –

The Episode begins with Raavi getting desirous catching wind of Disha. Suman contends with her. She says Disha and I will feel awful if Disha doesn’t become Mandvi. Dhara says its wrong, Disha will not become Mandvi, she will not think about Ram leela. Suman says she would know. Dhara gets some information about Ramleela. Rishita says I heard somewhat in the puja. Suman says you figure Raavi did phd in Ramayan. Raavi says Prafulla recounted to me every one of the narratives since adolescence. Suman snickers on Prafulla. She says I will ask you something, Ram ate the tasted berries of somebody, who was it. Dhara signs Raavi. Rishita signs Dhara to message Raavi. Shiva figures she isn’t uttering a word now, she will trap me with Disha. Raavi gets the message. She sees Dhara. Suman counts. Raavi says Sabri. Dhara says OK. Krish says Disha shouldn’t come now, we will cause her to sit in the crowd, she will hail our family, she will take a section in our family. Gautam and Dhara alarm him. He gets befuddled and goes. Suman says Ram leela will occur in Pandya family style, it ought to be vital for everybody.

Prafulla says Suman said her family will act in Ram leela, I figure she will get her nose cut, I will applaud their affront. Anita says I will end up being Gautam’s Sita, on the grounds that Dhara is debilitated. Prafulla says Suman is making a lemon show, would you like to go there and get the eggs and tomatoes on you, sit at home and help. Anita shows the nail clean. Prafulla goes to work herself. Rishita sees the papers and gets glad. She says the credit passed, you rock. She leaves. The director messages Kamini. Kamini says it occurred as we needed, Pandya family will get caught in this credit. Kalyani says Rishita looks glad there. Kamini stops her. Suman requests that Dhara make Raavi work. Dhara says I was cleaning the kitchen.

Suman gives her laddoos for energy. She says I thought to make this for you, I made it at Kanta’s home. Dhara cries cheerfully and embraces her. Dhara reviews the specialist’s words. She asks will everything stay fine. Suman says OK, I never thought this when I conveyed four youngsters. Dhara tells about the spotting. Suman asks her not to stress. Dhara says I feel strained. Suman requests that she stay glad, she can become Sita for Gautam. Dhara says you rejected me previously. Suman says I didn’t realize you are having a weight on your head, become Sita, Ram will favor you, don’t stress now. She requests that she come and meet Disha. Shiva grins seeing Raavi’s desire. He requests that she keep the garments any way she prefers. She says I don’t care for any wreck here. He says its a question of certain days, then, at that point, you need to leave from here. She gets pitiful. Ek mai hun… .plays… Suman requests that Shiva come out, Disha has come to meet. Raavi says why, I have seen you getting a kiss from her. He reviews the water sprinkle.

He says goodness, you blew up and sprinkled the water, right. She says for what reason will I do this, you are saying hogwash. He says this is likewise correct. She requests that he go and not burn through her time. Suman says we need to meet your folks. Disha says they coordinated with the Kundli likewise, they are exceptionally cheerful. Suman requests that she take a quick trip and see her home, its her Sasural, bond with Dhara, go. Disha goes.

Dhara is planning tea. Disha comes and says you take rest, I will make the tea. Dhara takes a gander at her. Suman says it will be acceptable if things occur with Dhara’s assent. Dhara stops Disha. She says meet one another and know, you need to know what Shiva needs, you are a pleasant young lady, yet we have an expectation that Shiva and Raavi’s connection can improve, for what reason would you like to get between them. Raavi looks on. Disha says life is short, I can’t squander life, individuals don’t have a clue about one another subsequent to going through whole time on earth, and once in a while a second loaded up with adoration is sufficient, Shiva and Raavi know one another since youth, still they couldn’t keep their connection, destiny needs to join Shiva and me. Raavi thinks possibly Disha is saying reality, we are together since youth, still we aren’t made for one another. Dhara sees Raavi there. She says its regarding conviction, you accept your destiny, I accept our relations, I m sure that Shiva and Raavi are made for one another, we can’t change your thinking, its in Raavi’s grasp on the off chance that she releases Shiva or makes him of her until the end of time.


Specialist checks Dhara’s pregnancy reports and says its genuine, I need to converse with Gautam immediately. She calls Gautam. He gets a stunning news.

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