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Pandya Store 5th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Pandya Store 5th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Hardik coming to see Dhara. Anita figures the reason why does he generally come. She says don’t question Gautam now. Gautam comes and says you need to come in bhoomi pujan of our new store. He gives desserts to Hardik and Anita. He welcomes them. Dhara asks did you ask pandit to give great mahurat. Gautam says OK. He takes care of her the desserts. Anita says I will come in the bhoomi pujan. She goes. Hardik inquires as to for what reason did Anita return. Gautam says he doesn’t like Anita and my discussions, I told him not to get desirous. He gets some information about Hardik and Anita’s partnership. Dhara asks will I talk. Hardik says you both got distraught, I m going. Gautam says come on time tomorrow. Hardik says sure. He goes. Gautam says stay here and converse with my Tara, tell her that her father is so acceptable. He goes to the shop. Krish goes to the flask. He requests samosa and gives 10rs. The man says its for 12 rs. Krish says take 2 rs later. Kirti comes and requests burger. Krish says how could she come. He welcomes her. She asks do you additionally like burgers here. Krish says OK. He grins seeing her. Ishq wala love…plays… Gautam gives cash to Dev and requests that he go to the shop site. He inquires as to for what reason are you disturbed. Dev says you and Rishita don’t let me talk, I don’t get a nice sentiment about the bank. Gautam says Rishita works there, we will know whether there is an issue, she is keen, be glad that we will satisfy our dad’s dream. Dev grins. He figures this credit can turn into an obstacle for us.

Kirti asks how much for the burger. Krish says I will pay. She says I will give. He says no need, have the burger. She says how sweet. She goes. Krish grins. The man checks out him and grins. He requests 1151rs. Krish asks what, how much for burger. The man says 100rs for one burger. Krish inquires as to why such a lot of cash now. The man says they are ten individuals. Krish turns and sees Kirti and companions. He gives the cash. He says I didn’t cover the power bill, I need to do something.

Shiva and Disha are working at the shop. He asks what’s happening with you. She says flour got on your shirt. He says I told you previously, Raavi is my better half, our separation didn’t occur, you come and meet Suman regularly, its not right. Disha says assuming you figure, I won’t meet you, you are off-base, its impractical that I don’t meet you. Raavi looks on and gets desirous. Shiva asks will you drive me. Disha expresses what power, you and Raavi aren’t together, I like you since whenever I first saw you, I finished my sentiments knowing you and Raavi got hitched, I returned on account of this partnership demand, you are separating from Raavi, you both don’t need to keep this connection, its an empty relation.

A neighbor woman comes. She converses with Dhara. She says Gautam is likewise off-base, very much like my significant other. Suman comes. Dhara says no, we need to control our spouses. The woman goes. Dhara sees Suman. Disha asks will I wipe this flour now. She clears the flour off of his shirt. Raavi dismisses. Rishita comes and asks why are you here. Raavi says I came to take the flavors. Rishita sees Shiva with Disha. Raavi goes. Rishita pursues her. Suman chastens Dhara. Suman asks are you not afraid to talk terrible with regards to Gautam, he adores you a ton. Dhara says I felt he takes part in an extramarital entanglements. Suman asks how could you think, you think he is characterless. Dhara says he is concealing something. Suman asks so will you question him, you don’t esteem him. Dhara says I kept my connection with genuineness, on the off chance that I feel something. Suman says you need to apologize to Gautam. Dhara feels dizzy.

She says I don’t feel better. Suman says you got a decent reason of pregnancy. Dhara rushes to her room. Rishita stops Raavi and says let him know if you love him. Raavi says I don’t love him. Rishita says how long will you lie, wonder why you feel envious seeing them. Raavi says no chance, I definitely need him to be my companion, I love everybody in this family. Rishita says don’t do this fellowship dramatization, feel sorry for yourself, comprehend your sentiments, you both can adore one another, not have companionship. Raavi says you go and counsel Disha, Shiva gets awkward, he really wants a young lady like me. Rishita says precisely, you are ideal for him, you use Disha’s way to deal with get amicable with him, gain from her, you generally battle, Disha tracks down a reason to adhere to him, you additionally stick to him, request that Shiva show you bicycle riding, you both can invest energy and know one another. She goes to get the cleanser. Raavi grins. Dhara calls the specialist. She requests Dr. Vaishali. Dr. Pratibha says she is on leave, you can let me know the issue. Dhara says I m inclination frail. Specialist checks her record and says you will have this issue, your fetus….

Gautam does the bhoomi pujan. Suman stops Raavi. She says Disha will go with Shiva.

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