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Pandya Store 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

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The Episode begins with Gautam saying reality is… Dhara says we will talk in the first part of the day. He says no, you needed to hear it, reality is…. He cries and embraces Dhara. He says I love you Dhara. She cries and says I m sorry. They lie to rest. Dev and Rishita contend. She says you have male self image, you without a doubt need to fault my family, are you the only one innovative here. He says you grumbled to your mum, don’t wash the garments now, don’t give me ideas when you have no information. He goes. She says stay outside this evening. She closes the door.

Its morning, Gautam awakens and searches for Dhara. She gets dark tea for him. She says you have a headache, drink this dark tea, you will feel good. He asks did I say anything around evening time. She says a great deal. He asks what did I say. She says everything. He says sit please, I was greatly inebriated, sorry, what did I tell you precisely. She says you said a great deal, you won’t recall it, you generally do a show, you let me know what I ought to have known. He asks what did I say. She says I love you Dhara. He grins. She goes. He says I truly love you, I m doing this only for you. He prays.

Rishita says they ought to have purchased a clothes washer, how might I wash every one of these garments. She sits to wash the garments. Her nail breaks. She gets vexed and goes to Raavi. She says I will prepare the food, I need to go office early, you wash the garments, go. Raavi says no chance, its your work to wash the garments. She requests that Rishita proceed to take surf from patio. Rishita stops Dev. He inquires as to for what reason did you lock the entryway around evening time. She says accidentally, you said you will wash the garments, you can proceed to wash it. She goes grinning. He worries.

He proceeds to wash the garments. He says nobody is here to see. Raavi requests that everybody come and eat. Dev surges and tumbles down. Suman asks what occurred. He doesn’t say anything. Krish asks where are you going. Rishita prepares and comes. She lies. Gautam and Dhara come. Dev additionally lies that he is establishing trees, its his youth dream. Shiva says we didn’t know about it. Dev falls on the steps. They see the garments in the pails. Suman asks what’s this. Dev says garments. Dhara says yet its Rishita’s work. Dev says she was getting behind schedule for work. Rishita looks on. Suman chastens her. Dhara says Raavi, you ought to have washed the garments. Shiva says however Raavi’s work is to prepare food, I mean she can’t accomplish practically everything, she can’t handle it like Dhara goes. Suman says get up from that point, come here. Suman reprimands her children. Dev says we went on our father. She asks what did you say. She reprimands Rishita. She requests that she go to her folks house if she has an issue. Rishita contends with Dev. He says I washed garments to astonish you. She says goodness, what a shock, don’t give me an amazement once more, I will return from office and wash garments. She goes. Dev gets down on her. Suman says pursue her, you can’t eat food without her.

Dhara is with Anita. Anita says you look great today, did your and Gautam’s battle end. Dhara says Gautam and I are one, I realize he is concealing something. Anita says you are questioning him for reasons unknown. She tells about Lalita’s spouse engaging in extramarital relations when she got pregnant with her subsequent kid. She says our Gautam won’t do something like this. Dhara worries.

Dhara feels unwell. She calls the specialist. Specialist says your embryo isn’t creating. Dhara gets shocked.

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