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Pandya Store 27th October 2021

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The Episode begins with Raavi requesting that Dhara take an interest. Dhara denies. Rishita asks what’s the issue. Dhara says Gautam is misleading me, he was with some young lady around evening time. Raavi says possibly he was discussing work. Dhara says I know him since youth, we are hitched since 10 years, I realize he is lying. Raavi asks how will I respond, will I pass on, I need to see Disha with Shiva consistently, Disha killed Shiva that day. Gautam and everybody hear this. Gautam requests that Shiva accompany him, and get a beating. Shiva says no. Rishita asks did Shiva kiss her back. Raavi says no, he didn’t, I wish to break their mouths. Rishita grins. Dhara requests that they eat. Rishita says how can it matter, Shiva and you are getting separated. Raavi says Shiva is as yet my better half. She reprimands him. He grins. She says I will partake with you in the opposition, I should know the amount you know me, I think I get you. They all smile.

Gautam says Shiva, check out her, she believes you a ton, she is dreaming to win the best couple contest, you are considering Disha, exceptionally awful. He says we as a whole are prepared. Dhara says all of you can partake, yet I won’t take an interest with Gautam, until he informs me regarding the young lady he was with, I need to hear reality. Anita comes and says Gautam was with me the previous evening, you need to know why. He stresses. He asks Anita what are you doing, stay silent. He asks Dhara do you trust her, not me. He says you have made me frantic since yesterday. Dhara cries and asks truly. Gautam says Anita, accompany me. Anita inquires as to why, let me come clean, specialist called Gautam, so he left Ramleela and went to meet her. Gautam requests that she stop it. Dhara inquires as to for what reason doctored call Gautam. He yells Anita and signs her not to say.

Anita says enough, let me come clean, Dhara, specialist called him to change your medications, and encouraged him to keep you glad. Dhara asks are you lying presently to save her. He requests that Dhara stop it, doesn’t she trust them. He says you had seen Anita with me, enough now, I m going to the shop, call me assuming you need to take an interest in the opposition. Dhara inquires as to why didn’t you tell this to me previously, Anita is lying. Shiva says specialist asked us not to give pressure to Dhara, on the off chance that you lie to Dhara, I won’t leave you. Anita smiles.

Dhara asks what befallen you, for what reason are you deceiving me. Gautam goes. Shiva requests that he answer Dhara. Raavi asks what’s this new game, I won’t let you succeed. She comforts Dhara. She requests that Dhara proceed to prepare. She says Anita, you can never interfered with them. Anita says I came clean to Dhara. Raavi requests that she quit meeting Gautam. Anita says fine, yet assuming Gautam requests that I meet, I can’t reject him. She goes. Janardhan educates Kamini regarding Pandyas affront. He says I won’t let Gautam’s dad’s dream get satisfied, I will get that store. Kamini says Rishita will be home. He says I don’t need her back. Gautam gets discourteous towards a client. Shiva and Dev see him and ask the matter. They request Gautam to take care from Dhara. Gautam says you both won’t get it. Shiva says in the event that you are fouling up.. Gautam says I m not doing anything wrong. Dev requests that she come clean to Dhara. Gautam says I went to the specialist and afterward met Anita on return. Shiva says essentially come clean to me. Gautam tosses shoes at them. He says all of you are eating my head and placing undertaking into it, I will truly have an unsanctioned romance. They ask him not to dare. He rushes to beat them. They hold his shoes down. Dev says sorry, we can never dare so. He gets Rishita’s call. He says we need to return home and plan for best couple rivalry, come. They leave.

Anita comes to meet Kamini. She says I came to give uplifting news, I entered Gautam and Dhara’s lives as their companion. Kamini says go near Gautam. Kirti comes. Anita leaves. She says she is Pandya family’s relative, why is she here. Kamini says I became acquainted with her for Rishita’s purpose, she can help us, don’t tell this to Rishita. Kirti concurs. Rishita requests that Raavi assist her with choosing the dress. Raavi says you pretty examine any dress, you can wear these studs. Rishita says thanks to her. She asks her not to act like Dhara. Raavi says Anita is the justification behind this, she needed to wed Gautam. Rishita says you know Gautam since adolescence, he can’t see whatever else than Dhara. Raavi says I realize he adores Dhara, however Anita… Rishita says Anita is sweet, attempt to comprehend, Anita isn’t wedded, she is youthful, stop it presently, as Dev and you… Raavi stops her. Rishita says sorry, I intend to say you cherished Dev however he respects you a companion, no need of uncertainty now, else I will question Dev and you. Raavi thinks nobody is getting me, it might get late till I clarify them.

Suman requests that Disha prepare and come. Suman says Suman has wanted to make Disha and Shiva participate. Rishita requests that she express what to do. Everybody comes in the opposition. Suman calls Disha.

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